No 7 string yet. Being that I have two guitars that I'm terrified to mess up, I grabbed myself a cheap workhorse. I saw this for $199, so I grabbed it. it's actually really, really heavy, much more than my other S. The INF neck sounds fucking awesome, and anyone who saw the little derail on my Rg vs JP thread will find that ironic. Regardless I'm between EMG's and JB/59 for this badboy. Cosmetically... I'd say this thing's life was rougher than Oprah's and Precious' childhoods combined, with double the the whole... ya know... dad rape thing... plus a few more staircase falls. Neck/frets have wear, but they have much life, it plays SO nice. Now enjoy my post-raped guitar pictures while i spend 3 hours cleaning every nook and crevice of this filthy monster.

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