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    Jackson Stars RR-J2E

    2006 Jackson Stars RR-J2E

    It came to me with a super high nut, which has now been filed to a comfortable level, and slanted pickup rings. The EMGs were tilting up towards the bridge side from the slanted rings, the flat pickup rings I replaced them with meant they sat parallel with the strings - some of you were probably wondering why the pickup rings aren't matching. My spare rings weren't matching, unfortunately and I'm a mature age uni student, so I'm not buying shit I don't absolutely have to...except entire guitars

    This is the first experience I've had with the Schaller floyd, but as soon as I saw this I was sold:

    I still stand by the Gotoh floyd in terms of overall superior design and performance, but the Schaller feels better to me than an OFR. Small amounts of visible wear on the knife edges, but NO wide zero point. No pitch difference whatsoever between pull & release and dive & release. Even new-ish OFR's have some pitch discrepancies in my experience.

    What else can I say? Oh yes, this guitar fucking rips.

    It's the best sound I've heard coming from EMGs and that was even before I 18 volt'd em. The neck is perfect, and the slung weight of the instrument (while a tad on the heavy side) is very well balanced. I've never been that interested in RR's but this one came up and it just looked right. It now feels right, too.

    Anybody who hasn't given a decent RR a go should do so immediately, and let loose some old thrash metal in the process. Holy Wars learned, what next?
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    That thing is awesome man! What can you tell me about the Stars series? I've never heard of this.

    And how's the control layout? Been thinking about an RRXT myself, but the controls look awkward to use, especially on the fly.
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    When the contract expired in 1994, Kyowa-Shokai opted not to renew their contract with Jackson, partly due to the fact that Grover Jackson had sold Jackson USA to IMC. However, Chushin Gakki, the factory that had been making the MIJ Charvels and Jacksons up to this point, apparently felt that there was a market for Jackson guitars in Japan. However, due to the expiration of the trademark license for the brand name "Jackson", they were precluded from using the brand name "Jackson" on guitars for sale in the Japanese Market. Therefore, they continued to produce guitars with "pointy headstocks" (for which they hold Japanese Trademark Registration No. 2150759) under various brand names, such as "Grover Jackson", "Team GJ", and "Jackson Stars".

    The brands "Grover Jackson" and "Team GJ" were phased out after 2001, and Chushin Gakki currently sells guitars under the name "Jackson Stars". The same factory still continues to make the MIJ Jacksons for the U.S. market.
    Some Jackson Stars are made in America. However, if they are sold in Japan and distributed through Chushin Gakki, they must have the "Stars" on the headstock.

    Source: Jackson Stars guitars japan history

    I'm sure you'll be able to find more information and pictures over at JCF forums if you need.

    The control layout is a little cramped with the whammy bar set to certain desired points, being that there's a bridge volume and a neck volume. The neck volume is something I'd never use, so a new control cavity plate with only space for a master volume and tone would be what I'd be after if I was to change it out. I probably won't, because it's not really an issue.
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