NGD 50's Vibe Squier Tele [Clips + Pics]

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Thread: NGD 50's Vibe Squier Tele [Clips + Pics]

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    NGD 50's Vibe Squier Tele [Clips + Pics]

    When I saw that Budget Guitars thread, it reminded me that I never showed you guys this guitar I snagged up a while ago.

    It has a pine body, vintage tuners, amber stained neck, brass barrel saddles, and socket input. The bridge pickup (Custom Vintage Tele® Alnico III) sounded so good stock, I couldn't bring myself to stick an aftermarket in there.

    For the $300 I spent on it, it's a ridiculous deal - because it oozes tone and versatility.

    As for the clips, I tried to quickly capture a few different tones in which this budget guitar excels. I used my EVH 5150iii 50w into my Orange PPC412 w V30's mic'd with a Sennheiser e609 Silver. As you can totally hear, there's no noise suppressor


    I'd like to apologize to ZZ Top beforehand for the savage butchery of some of their riffage.

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    Cool! Very nice Tele.
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    I love the look of that And of course, I'm a big fan of Teles. And screw a noise suppressor, that buzz is what rock 'n' roll sounds like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleven59 View Post
    that buzz is what rock 'n' roll sounds like.
    Hell yeah, man

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    Hell of a deal. Someday, when I knock down a wall or get a basement, there will be a Tele in the stable.
    Let not the dixie cup mislead you!

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    White Tele = Best Tele

    I'll probably be snagging myself a white Tele in the next few months then doing a few mods to make it a replica of Townsend's white ESP since that thing is beautiful

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    lookin boss
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Nice! Looks and sounds good, man.

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