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Thread: Riot 8 ltd neck width and tone/sustain

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    Schecter Riot 8 ltd neck width and tone/sustain

    I could use some comments..

    1st issue:

    I've had problems playing my Schecter Riot 8 ltd since I bought it.
    String separation at bridge is fine, the usual 10.6 mm Hipshot-type bridge.
    Separation at the head is 6.2 mm on high strings, 7.2 mm on the low ones.

    I simply can't get used to the narrow-spaced high strings; my fingers automatically reach too far when taking chords or playing single strings.
    The problem is present only on the first three frets, after this I have no issues.

    Fun.. the larger spacing on the lower ones makes me feel I could easily have those a Bit tighter spaced, especially as I practically never use anything but simple 2- or 3-note majors down there, or play single strings..

    I noticed that the fret ends are fairly nicely rounded off, so I was thinking..
    Maybe I could simply refret it, allow the frets to reach right to the edge on the initial 2-3 frets, keeping the ends only just rounded, and install a new nut with a slightly wider, more uniform, string spacing, while allowing especially the low strings to be closer to the edge.
    I never have strings flip over the edge, so I believe it should be possible to allow strings to be lined slightly closer to the fretboard edges.

    I have the feeling this might be enough to make it playable.

    2nd issue:

    No matter which string I try, the low string just doesn't have enough tone/sustain, apart from open and say up to 5th fret.
    As open string is just fine, I'm thinking it could simply be a matter of too soft fret wire.

    I've noticed that strings fairly easily cuts into the frets, something I never see with fretwire like German hard alloy wire or EVO-types on other instruments, which indicates a rather soft wire.

    My other instruments with hard wire have better tone and sustain (which of course isn't just about chosen fretwire), so it seems logical that harder fretwire on the Riot might change the sustain.
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    A properly cut nut will fix the spacing issues without a refret.

    Regarding the sustain, a heavier string, higher action, and a good setup will improve sustain FAR more than the "hardness" of the fretwire. If the open string is fine but the upper frets aren't, it's a nut height and setup (fret leveling, neck relief, string height, nut height, etc.) issue.
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    In addition, in regards to the string spacing issue, wouldn't just practicing be much easier than a complete refret, new nut, etc? If your fingers aren't handling the string spacing, just practice until they do. If guys like Ricky Skaggs can switch between guitar string spacing and mandolin string spacing and still shred on both, I'm sure you can handle this issue.

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    Haha, I hear you both.. Yup, I've tried getting used to this more narrow spacing, but it just doesn't work for me None of my other guitars have this progressive spacing, and they simply have more space to work with.
    FWIW, I have no problems at all switching between my classic and the other guitars; it's only this one and on it's high strings.

    Regarding a new nut with correct (for me) string spacing, this would of course be tried before eventually moving along to a refret, being a fairly easy job.

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