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Thread: NGD - new 7 :)

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    NGD - new 7 :)

    Hi there.

    Since I recently had a "major" birthday (turned 30, yeah...) my family somehow thought I deserved a nice present. After throwing the idea to them, they agreed that getting a guitar built was an awesome present.

    Being european, with a "limited" budget for a custom and wanting a reasonable timeframe, Skervesen seemed very attractive so I contacted them and we quickly came up with a spec list that would fit with what I had in mind. I gave them the OK to start the build. And...

    It arrived yesterday.

    Long story short, and since you just come here for pictures anyway (specs + review at the bottom):

    ("official pic" - There are more professional pics on their facebook account.)

    (at home pics)

    Spec list:

    Body: Mahogany, Raptor shape, solid white (very white) finish with black binding

    - Bolt-on
    - 25.5 inches scale
    - Pau Ferro with Ebony stripes
    - Ebony fretboard
    - 24 Dunlop 6105 frets
    - 18" radius
    - no inlays, just the side dots

    - Shaped as the Skervesen "7th"
    - White with black binding on the front, wood at the back
    - Skervesen logo black

    - Hipshot 7
    - Bareknuckle Coldsweat 7 set
    - Hipshot open locking tuners
    - Volume + tone + 3 way w/coil tap

    Quick review:
    Boxed to withstand world war 3, in a nice Thomann case.

    Esthetically, it is everything I wanted in a guitar. RG shape body, but a bit thinner, and a 3+4 headstock reminiscent of an Ibanez that had a love child with a Carvin. I didn't want a coffee table as a guitar, and the solid white came out amazing. It is actually an acrylic satin finish so it's not sparkling, so it's a classy white. There are a few tiny finish flaw, around the neck pocket, a bit of white paint brittled (less than 1 mm I'd say). It is most likely due to how tight the neck is fitted, no way I can slip even cigarette paper there so it may have happened at assembly. Not too fussed, can't see it anyway.

    Playability now.

    Out of the box, the action was ridiculously low. Apparently it it set up at 0.9mm... It didn't buzz, but I use relatively light strings and have a heavy hand so the first thing I did is raise the strings so I can feel something under my fingers.
    Unplugged, it is not a very loud guitar but it vibrates like mad, from headstock to bottom of the body.
    Plugged in, it sounded like shit until I realized that raising action + not touching pickup height = bad idea with BKP. With the help of the screwdriver, I am getting my sound more or less where I want it to be. I am not done yet, because holy crap are BKP sensitive to height. They are brighter than I though but it actually does still sound full, it's a surprising sound but I really like it through my Fryette.
    The neck feels GREAT. It's feels like a bit beefier old universe profile, but less "square" than the newer universe. It is the first time that I pick up a new guitar and feel at home. Frets are smaller than I thought initially (they are 2.3x1.2 mm if that helps anyone) but it feels great and I may have a new favorite wire right there (they are right between the new and the old Universe it feels). Stainless rules too.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied. I still have to break it in and set the BKP correctly but it is an extremely comfortable instrument that is solidly built. Plus, the communication with those guys is really awesome. It is not propaganda what the other people say, they really answer customer emails in 24h.

    EDIT: forgot who it was and I can't find it, but to the guy that owns a black carvin with white binding + white carvin with black binding, thanks so much for the inspiration on the color scheme.
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    Very nice! I don't recall seeing any other guitar with body binding that edges off at the arm cut. It's a cool idea. The attention to detail on that guitar looks very good.

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    I love white guitars

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    The neck and control cavity look awesome with the white

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    Great looking guitar! Congrats

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    That looks KILLER!!! Love the white look!


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    Very clean looking guitar. Congrats!

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    Holy shit that thing is gorgeous grats.

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