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Thread: Cork sniffers delight......

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    Cork sniffers delight......

    Short run, built in the mid eighties by one of the 'names'.
    Set 3 piece maple neck. Rosewood board bound and with mop small inlays.
    22 medium jumbo frets Angled 'pointy headstock' with locking nut and truss rod access. Body sports carved edges and control routs to rear. Floating 2 blade point/ pivot trem with fine tuners. 2 humbuckers at 8-10 k with 3 way toggle switch, 1 volume and 1 tone. Came in groovy metallic colours - Black, dark green, pewter silver, lemon, dark blue. All had aluminium inlay to lower bout of headstock and body.

    Do ya' know what it is yet ? Maker may surprise ya'. More later.......

    bite me !

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    Fender Katana?

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzhands
    Fender Katana?
    That was my guess.

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    ME: Mako Shark
    MB: Fender/Squier Katana
    Rig: 2x Ashdown FA180's

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    Bloody anorach's !! Well done.
    Most who have seen my Kat's thought they were Gibby's 'till they saw the logo. It is very Gibson and not very Fender. And a better axe than many think.
    I have two - the dark green one and a black one that is pretty fcuk'ed up which i'm gonna' restore. Will upgrade p'ups in the latter. Also have a Fender/Squier one with the more Fenderlike construction - bolt on neck and straight head angle. And a F/S bass that really rawks out.

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    ah thats seriously badass man

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