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Thread: NGD : Edwards E-LP-98LTC

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    NGD : Edwards E-LP-98LTC

    Direct from Ishibashi.
    (Great service, by the way)

    So yeah. I'm getting older, I guess. AND GAS is a bitch. So : It's LP time. Chris : you can laugh.
    I have conquered my "I don't want a TOM guitar" attitude (having the Schecter V-1 Limited helped that) AND i've ben admiring LP's forever. I wasn't sure at first when playing it, but then, I "broke" it in. I might be a LP guy, after all.

    Loving it. Rings for days. And it's heavy. I mean HEEEAVY. It feels solid as fuck.

    I can't believe I missed that much, keeping myself from buying LP's because of a few bad past experiences and prejudices.
    Anyway, I already know it's a keeper. One has to have an LP in his arsenal, right?

    Black & Gold.

    Stock picture :

    Specifications - ESP Edwards E-LP-98LTC

    • BODY: (Top) Hard Maple (Back) Mahogany w/ Vintage Binding
    • NECK: Mahogany
    • FINGERBOARD: Ebony, 22f rets w/ Vintage Binding
    • RADIUS: 305R
    • SCALE: 24.75 inch (628mm)
    • NUT: Bone (43mm)
    • INLAY: Pearloid Block
    • JOINT: Set-neck
    • BRIDGE: Old Type Tune-Matic & GOTOH GE101Z
    • PICKUPS: (Front) Seymour Duncan SH-1n (Rear) Seymour Duncan SH-4
    • PARTS COLOUR: Gold
    • CONTROLS: Front Volume, Rear Volume, Front Tone, Rear Tone, Toggle PU Selector
    • Finish Edwards Lacquer Taste

    The neck carve is something which one would describe as being between a traditional "59" or "60's" type, with the general feel of a "59" but the apex of the curve being slightly flatter. It is eminently comfortable and is sure to appeal to a wide audience. The top carve of the Edwards guitars is similar to the ESP Eclipse in that the outer edges start to flare back out away from the body slightly. This is quite unique to ESP and Edwards and gives a very precise aesthetic and feeling of quality to the overall appearance and feel of the guitar.
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    Black singlecuts.

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    Great score - that looks bad ass.

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    Looks awesome. Bonamassa had been feeling my Lp gas of late. I did but and Epi last year but it turned out to be a lemon of a guitar. Fretwork and finish was atrocious. Maybe Edwards would be a nice alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by playstopause View Post

    • Finish AWESOME.
    Fucking awesome axe!

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    I had the Black Beauty version of this guitar about 4 years ago. It was my first decent guitar and I really had no idea of how good it actually was. It was damn heavy too and felt so solid. I always get nostalgic and also a little sad whenever I see an Edwards like it. Amazing guitars for what you pay for. Congratulations.

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    Congrats! Looks incredible.

    I can also vouch for Ishibashi. Bought my original YJM Strat off them and they were fantastic.

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    Fuckinh hawt! I wonder, do they do a version without the 'vintage' binding?

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