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    ES Heaven

    3 Archtop beauties. On the left, ES175, deep hollowbody, trapeze tail classic 57 pups as per Steve Howe. To the right, ES137, thinline body with mahogany central block from neck join to tail to reduce feedback. Stop tail piece and bridge, 490r and 498t pups for serious rawk. In the middle is my latest project an ES135. This is actually an Epi' that i got cheap with damaged headstock and faulty electrics. I decided to go the whole nine yards and whilst repairing head, turn it into a Gibson clone. Pulled out the offending electrics and ditched the chrome hardware. Bought Iron gear 'Rolling mill pups' and 4 push/pulls to do the Jimmy Page 3 million tones mod! Fuck it - while i'm at it lets go different to the others and fit a trem too! Grover gold tuners and a roller bridge with new nobs. Waiting for a gold antique pick guard bracket to finish the cosmetics. Just gotta'set her up fully, but could'nt help but share the three of them with you.

    bite me !

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    Old man guitars are awesome.

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    I've wanted a 175 for a long time. Way the fuck out of my price range...

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