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Thread: So my Halo review...

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    So my Halo review...

    I understand these guys have had a rough patch, I haven't read any threads or anything but anyway they reached out to me to make a demo and also to give them input so they can improve their products. So I did. I hesitated at first hearing many people complaining about the brand. But I also got a lot of people who really wanted me to play it and asked about it . So I decided to do the demo.

    While I'm kinda new to the guitar review segment, and I feel kinda awkward sitting and talking about guitars(when I'm not really a guy who enjoys details), a lot of people feel like I'm not talking about what I actually feel about the guitar. So here it is:

    The Morbus 7 is a great guitar considering its price. I addressed two main issues that I see with the guitar:

    1. The glossy finish on the neck. I'm not a fan of that, the neck tends to get sticky when I play glossy necks. If they could go with a satin finish, the feel of the neck would be much better

    2. The pickups are just slightly too far from the bridge, giving it a little honkiness to the bridge pickup. You can hear that in the video. Nothing major though and probably more of a subjective opinion. Some people might love that tone. I don't.

    The guys at Halo have been straight up and very professional and has answered to my improvement points in a great way. So I wish them good luck for the future.

    Here's the video.

    [VIDEO]]Halo Morbus 7 - Metal - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I actually like the looks of that. I see what you mean about the bridge pickup.

    Gloss necks have never really bothered me too much.

    22 frets or 24? Looks like you say 24, but the caption says 22. I'm assuming 24.

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    I actually really dug the tone on that, not too terribly honky for me anywho. Glad to see these guys are stepping up their game and trying to put out something more reasonable than their earlier efforts.

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    I wondered when you'd post a review of this. I'll check the clip when I get home
    Looks pretty mind.


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    Thanks for the review Ola. Halo seems to be very hit and miss on quality from what I've read. More miss than hit but, at this price point, they'd be worth checking out.

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    The problem with their turnaround is that people are incredibly skeptical about it. Which they should be, of course. But it means that Halo has a lot of work ahead of them to prove themselves.

    If you replace all the parts of a company, is it still the same company? What made the old Halo guitars not work? If those parts got replaced, would it not most likely work?

    I don't know anything about the company's current state, as they haven't proven themselves worthy of our trust just yet. This is a step in the right direction though, and I think they need to get more feedback about their designs and stuff so they can iron shit out. I already gave them feedback on the jack placement on their guitars, and they said they would change it, so they certainly seem to be open for suggestions!

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    Sorry it is 24 frets. Brainfart when video editing annotations I guess.

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    Wirelessly posted

    I was having a hell of a time counting without the dots!

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