Mayones Regius 6 TT 4EVER Build (True Temperament Frets/Evertune Bridge!)

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Thread: Mayones Regius 6 TT 4EVER Build (True Temperament Frets/Evertune Bridge!)

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    Mayones Regius 6 TT 4EVER Build (True Temperament Frets/Evertune Bridge!)

    Mayones put this wonderful instrument together for me. Apart from slightly different wood choices this guitar is unique in that it has both an Evertune bridge and True Temperament Formula 1 Frets. It is a masterclass in the technology that is available to keep your guitar in tune and well intonated across all strings and the run of the fretboard.

    First Impressions:
    I haven't had this for long but right off the bat, the Evertune and True Temperament frets are such a match made in heaven that I think that this might be a very common combination in the future. Both work exactly as advertised and don't really have any downsides nor do they compromise the guitar in anyway. The fit and finish of the guitar are also absolutely top notch as you can see in the pictures.

    The guitar itself sounds fantastic and Mayones seems to really just up their game and quality every year. The NAMM guitars this year were just at a whole new level and this is amazing in that way as well. I think the Wenge based neck deepens the timbre of the guitar a bit which is really nice, makes the purr nice and deep.

    The one slight qualm I have with the guitar is my own fault. I should have specified that I like jumbo frets, the frets on the guitar are shorter, so as much as chords feel good, it's not so good on bends and vibrato. But in the grand scheme it's not a big deal at all, and still plays rather wonderfully overall.

    Specs are:
    Quilted Maple Top in Blue to White Burst
    White Korina Body
    Wenge/Mahogany/Padouk/Maple Neck Thru
    25.4" Scale
    Ebony Fingerboard
    16" Radius
    Luminlay Side Dots in Blue
    Evertune Model F Bridge
    Hipshot Grip Lock Tuners
    True Temperament Formula 1 Frets
    Tusq Graphite Nut
    Bareknuckle Aftermath Pickups

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    Would a compensated nut give any benefit on a setup like that?
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    No - all the compensation is in the frets.

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    That looks like a masterpiece.

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    I would love to try a true temperment neck like that. Cool guitar.
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