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Thread: My Sabre Multiscale Ghost 7 Build!

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    My Sabre Multiscale Ghost 7 Build!

    Hello there!

    Let's start with a little backstory,
    I had to sell 5 of my guitars last year to fund my Daemoness build. After getting my Daemoness, i got hit by GAS again, and i needed a second instrument. I looked around for a couple of weeks, I had my eye on a S7 Boden* (glad i didn't go that route), an Ibanez RG2228 and a few other guitars. I then discovered Sabre Guitars, which is a Cambridgeshire-(UK)-based guitar company. I spent the next few weeks asking around and doing some research, as that's the only way i could select a guitar, since trying-before-buying isn't an option. I got tons of great feedback from Sabre users and I had a chat with Dylan (Daemoness Guitars) and he had nothing but nice things to say about Chris (Sabre Guitars) too. That sealed the deal for me, as i had already fallen in love with their work.

    I got in touch with Chris and we began to spec out a beast of a guitar. Chris has been a huge part of the creative process, making fantastic suggestions and modifications to my first draft of specs. I can easily say that, on paper, this guitar is my dream guitar! He has been extremely patient and easy to deal with. I believe i've been quite difficult to work with, since i've gone back and forth between a ton of specs, but he's been extremely accommodating so far. My build is scheduled to be finished next month, which is pretty much spot on the estimated delivery time of 3-4 months.

    Here's an overview of the specs:

    Body: Swamp Ash
    Top: Cocobolo
    Fretboard: Multiscale - Birdseye Maple
    Scale: 25.25"-27"
    Neck: 9 Piece Wenge-Purpleheart-Maple
    Pickup Configuration: H-S [Bareknuckle Blackhawk + Bareknuckle Sinner]
    Construction: Sabre's TRU-Bolt Design
    Neck Profile: Strandberg EndurNeck
    Bridge: Single Saddles ABM
    Electronics: Graphtech Piezo System
    Inlay: Custom Inlay at 12th fret

    I can't say enough nice things about Chris and Sabre Guitars. This build has been an absolute pleasure so far, i can't wait to get my hands on my guitar and do a complete review!

    Anyway, this thread would be worthless without pictures so:

    Body Wood:

    Top Wood:

    Body and Top being glued together:

    I'll post more progress pictures as i get them. A lot of the build process happens this week, so keen an eye on this thread!


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    Small update:

    Chris just finished working on the neck. This is the first ever Licensed EndurNeck to be built by Sabre. I'm a big fan of Ola's designs and when i was offered the Endur Neck profile, i couldn't refuse!

    I'm not sure if you guys can see this due to privacy settings, but here's a video of it as well. If you can't see it, have a look at the Sabre facebook page. It should be in the recent posts!

    ​More updates today!

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    whats Endur neck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixeightgroove View Post
    whats Endur neck?
    It's a different way of shaping the neck that's supposed to help you play longer comfortably. I'm pretty sure Ola Strandberg came up with it.

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    But in short,

    The EndurNeck allows you to play longer, faster and better by providing not only better support for the muscles and tendons of your fingers, palm, and forearm, but also acts as a guide that helps you straighten your wrist when playing the lower frets.

    As swedishfish73 said, it was designed by Ola Strandberg who has been very generous with his designs. Sabre Guitars is now offering the official .Strandberg EndurNeck profile on all Ghost Series instruments under licence from .Strandberg Guitarworks.

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    Seems like it gives you +5,000 stamina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arweryn View Post
    Seems like it gives you +5,000 stamina.
    I hope so, haha. I only chose to go with it because it seems like an awesome design on paper. It made sense. I'm just hoping my hand can get used to it. Also, my wrist technique is horrible so i'm hoping this can correct it to some extent.

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    I'd love to try one of those necks!

    This also seemed really interesting- Little Guitar Works*|* Torzal Natural Twist

    I'm a 'if it ain't broken' kinda guy and I really don't have any problems getting fatigued because of a neck, but I can see how those would be really comfortable.

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