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Thread: Squier Jim Root Tele vs Jackson DKXT

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    Squier Jim Root Tele vs Jackson DKXT

    i am debating which one of these guitars to buy, i have played my dads 70s fender strat which was really nice but im not sure how different the neck profile on the jim root tele is compared to the strat (c shape modern c shape all that rubbish), i know its a squier but i just cant afford anything over 400 + it seems in recent years squier are getting MUCH better with their guitars in terms of build quality.

    On the flip side there is the Jackson, unfortunately i havent played a Jackson before (none of the stores near me stock them D but i have heard good things about them especially the X series. their build quality is meant to be close to USA standard, but obviously not quite there.

    I need a new guitar for playing metal, now the jackson seems more suited for it but having the tele that can play metal AND cope with other genres as well would be nice, i get the feeling the jackson would be better build quality but as i said squier have come along way. They are both roughly the same price aswell 320ish

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    Jackson, IMO. As much as I love Jim Root tele's, unless you get the real thing, they're just bland.

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    by bland do you mean the pickups, wood choice or what? xD

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    The Squire Even though says its a Jim Root Sig, wont give you the same sound/vibe as the Fender Model. I believe is basically what he is saying. I have played a few different Jacksons, They are all amazing guitars, well the ones I've played were
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    i would probably expect that, the fender model has an emg 81/60 combo where as the squier has fender passive pups, i think that if you just compare the squier to other guitars in the same price range (so not the fender) its a pretty awesome guitar although i think i might go for the jackson, it doesnt look as nice (i love the tele body, except the headstock i love that jackson pointy headstock) but i think id rather have a compound radius (the jackson is 12" to 16" where as the squier is just 12").

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    Get the Jackson. It can do other genres than just metal, no problem. I use my jackson with emgs for elevator jazz. It all depends on how you play. You won't be disappointed with the Jackson, provided you can try it first to make sure you don't get a dud.

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    Another thing to consider is, do you think you'll ever need the extra two frets that the Jackson has? I have a strat and as my music tastes have evolved I really wish it had those two more frets. I figure the build qualities will be similar, they both have passive humbuckers so the tones you get from the two will be similar as opposed to if the tele has single coils. I'd get something as versatile as possible and to me it sounds like the Jackson has what you need. Barring you finding it to be uncomfortable.
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    Anything with "Fender" on the headstock is overpriced. Lower priced jackson are made by fender anyway i think. Go jackson and youll get a great player for not a whole lot. I had this SLX for a little bit (on the right) Only paid around $500 and this thing absolutely shreds

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