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Thread: NGD: Charvel So-Cal (MIJ)

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    NGD: Charvel So-Cal (MIJ)

    I have wanted a Charvel Pro-Mod since they were first reintroduced, but the timing was never right for me financially to buy one. Then when they stopped production of the MIJ models I really felt like I'd missed the boat.
    Thankfully though, I stumbled upon this one on ebay and got it at a really good price. It has hardly been played and it still had the original set of strings on it that weren't actually in too bad shape (but of course I changed them as soon as I got it). It has absolutely no marks or scratches and with a quick clean of the fretboard it looked brand spanking new - I've dirty up the fretboard slightly since because I've been playing it none stop since I got it and at the time of taking the photos it's due for a string change.
    It's a fantastic guitar. I own a Jackson USA SL1 & a Gibson Les Paul Custom and I enjoy playing this just as much. The necks really are as good as people say and it sounds great.

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    I love the way that looks!

    I had one of the USA Pro-Mods, and I wish I'd kept it, but it was just a case of too many guitars in the house that were too similar.

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    Awesome, I'd like one of those, or one of the USAs. The new ones have a recessed floyd, and I have no interest in them.

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    My buddy has one of these its such a great playing and sounding guitar.
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    Nice grab (I was watching that one on EBay (I think))
    Love that color
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    Man I miss my red SoCal...
    Congrats! That color is wicked.

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    GREAT looking guitar man.

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    dat finish
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