Unexpected NGD, Need Help Picking

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Thread: Unexpected NGD, Need Help Picking

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    Unexpected NGD, Need Help Picking

    Hopefully this will be my first of two NGDs this week. Yestarday I went to jam with a couple of guys (I gave the bass player a ride, and is it just me or do most bass players smell bad?) and when we were at the singers house he mentioned that he had a broken guitar upstairs. I like to fix things so I told him i'd take a look and he brought down a mini strat.

    A nice little brother for my P-bass.

    The bridge is really fucked up.

    As you can see it's not in the best condition but id like to fix it up and paint it to give to my youngest brother. I need help deciding whether to paint it frooty colors or just give it some kind of classy vibe. Help me pick, always have wanted to do a mini guitar project.

    or Classy

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    Slap a white pearloid pickguard on there and call it a day!

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    keep it classy not everybody is meant to wield the ultimate powers of the Fr00t
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    Slap a white pearloid pickguard on there and call it a day!
    Division: American Metal without the suck.

    So live for today,
    Tomorrow never comes.
    Die young, die young,
    Can't you see the writing in the air?
    Die young, gonna die young,
    Someone stopped the fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post

    Darren is wise.

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    1. Leave it exactly as it is
    2. Join Emmure
    3. ? (it ain't profit, that's for sure)

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    Unless your brother really loves fr00t, I say go classy (white and tortoiseshell is my favourite combo). Classy is safe and still awesome, whereas I feel like you need to know someone well before endowing them with something Poison would play.

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