Altered B.C. Rich body. Any good?

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Thread: Altered B.C. Rich body. Any good?

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    Altered B.C. Rich body. Any good?

    It's only an image I made on FireWorks but I just wanted to see what people thought about it.

    Basically, this came about when I was looking at the different models that B.C. Rich made - namely the Warbeast, Warlock and Beast models - and I didn't like what they did with the part of the Beast that stuck out but the I thought the rest of it was pretty cool but it would be better if they took they replaced that part I didn't like with the larger side of the Warlock/Warbeast. Personally, I think it looks better.

    While I'm here I might as well post what my dream axe and amplifier would be. Please remember that this is purely conceptual and probably would never be made custom because it would be too expensive because of some of the materials.


    o Mahogany, Quarter sawn.
    o Naturally seasoned.
    o Dark grey, Matte (HTML #444444).
    o Mother of pearl.
    o Flat top, Maple
    o Solid body.
    o Neck through.
    o Tune-O-Matic.
    o Titanium.
     Cryo-treated
    o Active Humbucker, Arched blade, 9v
    o High output.
    o Cope well with high gain and low tunings (C2-F1 Standard)
    o Have clear, tight bottom end and smooth, non-harsh highs
    Strap locks
    o Ram skull design
    o 28 5/8.
    o 24 + 0 Fret, Medium jumbo.
    o Cryo-treated
    o Compound size.
    o Ebony
    o Compound radius
    o Reinforcing bar, Graphite fibre.
    o Medium thick.
    o Tilted.
    o Reinforced.
    o Symmetrical.
    o Large.
    o Titanium nut.
    o Titanium tuners.
     18:1 Gear ratio.
    o Roller string trees, Titanium (Ram skull design)
    o Mother of pearl binding.
    o x7
    o Round wound, round core.
    o Steel, Nickelplated.
    o Cryo-treated.


    o Cabinet/Head, Tube.
    o 4x12
    EQ and Tone
    o 15-Band graphic EQ, Pre/Post-preamp.
    o Low/Mid/High Sweep (Pre/Post-preamp)
    o Resonance and Presence.
    o 3-Spring reverb.
    o Gain
    o Master volume.

    Output transformer
    o Large.
    o Machine wound.
    o Large.
    o Turret board.
    Amplifier Class
    o A/B
    Preamp Tubes
    o 12AX7 (x8), High output/Gain
    Power Tubes
    o 6L6 (x6)
    Magnet type
    o Neodymium, Large.
    o Hemp

    Electrics (Guitar and Amp):
    Silver conducting wire.

    Some parts might not make sense because I originally made the document for myself. If you want anything explaining just comment.

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    I'm a pretty big BC Rich fan.

    I like the beast shape as is but for my money it's basically a stand up only guitar as some pointy bit is always jabbing you.

    The warbeast took the worst bits of the guitar (the upper cutaways) and added them to the Warlock which is a classic metal shape IMO.

    You've left them and added an additional jagged bit. Certainly not my taste. But if you like it that's all that matters.

    I love a Warlock with a beast headstock but would leave the rest of the beast pieces with the beast.

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    Getting your dream cab is not as expensive as you think it would be, i got mine so .

    I do like those specs a lot.
    The only thing that really skyrockets the price is all the titanium hardware though ...
    It could be somewhat managable to get a guitar with those specs & regular hardware from a company a la Ran.

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    I kind of like it. And Having played a warbeast, I understand the hatred for the upper horns on it

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    If anyone is interested, I've updated the body shape of the my 'perfect guitar' (as well as the spec but I won't post it unless someone wants to see it as it takes up a lot of room)

    This time it's not actually based of a B.C. Rich guitar but instead the ESp Ax model. I really liked that guitar shape a lot but wanted 'my own' guitar shape and thought that it could be improved.

    Basically the differences are the curve at the bottom has been made more narrow, the left and right side curves have been tapered off more and the 'blade' that would be nearest the floor (in playing position) has been made slightly bigger and longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaMilez View Post
    o Naturally seasoned.
    What's that mean? It reminds me of an Arby's commercial.

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    It means the wood has been air dried rather than kiln dried.
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
    RHLC Chief Promotions Officer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    It means the wood has been air dried rather than kiln dried.
    Gotcha, I just figured if I spec'd out a guitar with that much detail I might throw in "Fresh Never Frozen" or "100% Beef" to see if anyone noticed.

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