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Thread: NND - RG1527RB - now with added maple

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    NND - RG1527RB - now with added maple

    Just recently traded this with webmaestro across the pond. It's in mint condition, just as he described. I let the neck settle in for a couple of days before doing much adjustment, but I've just set it up properly now. The only thing that needed doing was the truss needed a little tweak, and the trem springs needed a little slackening off. Nice and easy.

    As you can see, the fretboard is fairly simple. Boring, even, if you feel like being frank. It actually has a little more grain than I was able to capture here (poor lighting). But the back has quite a nice flame to it.

    The fretwork is not quite of the quality of the neck I traded. It's not terrible, just that the original neck was exceptionally nice. The ends of the frets feel sharper on this.

    That aside, it feels really nice. And it seems to have made a difference in the tone of the guitar. It sounds a little brighter now.

    I'm considering putting some white pickups in it and white controls. Not sure if that'll look ok or tacky. For now, the D-Activator and extremely sunk down LiquiFire are staying put.

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    Fuckin saweet! Looks awesome, man!

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    if they stock 1527's in this combo I would own one, Awesome score!
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    Basswood+Maple =
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    I was never a fan of maple fretboards on this kind of guitars...
    But man am i drooling all over that rg...

    Looks awesome!

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    Looks killer!

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    Awesome! That is a great combo!

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