I found this pic while clearing my photobucket thought I'd share with you guys. Picture was taken back in 03/04 when i was in the air force.

I had this also while I was in the military, Fender American Standard Strat with EMG SA pickups. Was a damn nice guitar.

Ah my prized Jackson SLSMG that I dearly miss too bad it's not a full pic, I think it's the only pic of it I have.

Slight off topic while I was in Japan I got to see Buddha.

Here's my modded 7620 in Vampire Kiss, if I could go back in time I wouldn't of modded with the pickguard and shitty EMG 707.

Here's my Gibson Les Paul Studio, I think that's my Jackson SLSMG's Headstock in the corner by the recliner.

Again here's the Jackson SLSMG, I'm upset that I don't have a full picture of this one, probably was too busy playing it.