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Thread: A cheap build.

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    A cheap build.

    So a little while ago I just finished building my first guitar. This was a build rather than an assembally.. I started by purchasing an ESP LTD H-51 in pretty bad condition for 40. This was the donor guitar for my build...


    This left me however with a left over body.. Now we own guitars such as les pauls and telecasters... Nothing really metal enough for me. However as the body was a "SuperStrat" shape I thought it could make a nice base for a heavy / metal guitar assembly. I got to work... The body was in pretty bad shape so this called for a total cosmetic rejuvination... I thought lets go outlandish and bought a can of neon pink spray paint... This was applied but awfully done... Paint runs, chips yaddah yaddah yaddah... So I came up with the idea of covering some of the bad areas as below:


    The application of the newspaper trimmings is not finished yet, neither is the build, I just wanted to take some photos now for progression purposes...

    Now for the plans for this guitar in terms of hardware and all the nessicery parts... I love the neck on my dad's Mexican standard Telecaster, I think I even prefer it to our Gibson Les Paul Standard neck... So this is what I wanted for the build. A 25.5 scale all maple neck, preferably a telecaster neck...


    And I found one! It's a 25.5" Scale Tele neck for 30... ACE! -


    I orignally wanted to go for a Floyd Rose Bridge. This would envolve a lot of work to achieve and I have no Idea how to do it really... So I think I'll just stick with the T-O-M it has...


    Very rusted that one unfortunatley I only have a limited budget so I'll have to use that for now...

    I bought some new control knobs from CHGuitars for about 4...


    Wanted to go for some Jim Root style Black tuners so here are some wilkinsons in black for 20...


    Now for some Pups... I dont know what do about these, I kinda want some active pickups as they're very metal... But I don't really know a whole lot about them, maybe there are some nice (cheap-ish) passive pickups anyone can recomend..?

    I kept all the surrounds for the pickups too... so here is a little mock up...


    And a photoshop...


    It's probably very distasteful to most but this is meant to be a guitar that you throw into the van, it gets battered around... An 'I don't give a F..." Guitar...

    EDIT: Sorry for having the images linked, I cant work out how to put em in properly yet... :S

    Oh, If anyone knows where I can get these parts cheaper in the UK or has anything for sale (or for free) I'll always welcome it...

    Thanks for looking, Alex!
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    Your picture links aren't working, dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy View Post
    Your picture links aren't working, dude.
    Yeah sorry man, I'll try another upload site in a sec... :S

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