Just how many badass guitars should a guy have?

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Thread: Just how many badass guitars should a guy have?

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    Just how many badass guitars should a guy have?

    I have just gone through all my old gear, sold off everything and bought a couple bad ass guitars (Ibby S470 that I upgraded w/ Dimarzio Evo's and an Ibby AM-93 semi-hollow) as well as 2 new amps (Peavey Vypyr and Peavey 6505+ combo)...so I have fucking awesome gear - gear that is waaaay better than I am.

    Yet, I am drawn to the Craigslist classifieds looking for bad ass guitars that I can afford...I find several but just before I pull the trigger on emailing the seller I think "really?? I'm gonna bust $300-$400 on a guitar when I already have two bad ass guitars and great amps??"...then I don't email.

    But frankly I feel tortured! I want to spend every penny I have on bad ass guitars even if I already have bad ass guitars...maybe I should save up and instead of buying a $300-$400 bad ass guitar, buy one $2000 bad ass guitar...but would that help?? I feel that it's quantity, not boutique quality..

    I'm torn...oh, the curse of playing guitar...sometimes I wish my grandfather would have never taught me Red River Valley..then I'd never know the pleasures of a "new" guitar neck.

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    Bad ass thread about bad ass guitars is bad ass as all bad ass.

    Bad ass.

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    I'm of no help, if you count bass and acoustics I have 10....

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    I can tell you from experience that super expensive guitars don't make you a better player. If your guitar is in tune and you feel comfortable on it, that is all you need.

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    Recording. Mixing. Mastering. Editing. Re-Amping.

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    Ever since I found my old RG570 I've constantly been scouring Craigslist (and now shopgoodwill.com) for old Ibanez's for absurd deals. Just last night I won an 85 Roadstar II with an Edge trem and the Jake E. Lee pickup configuration for $185 shipped I can't help myself.

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    I recently sold off or am selling off all my guitars and consolidating down to 2 Carvin DC800's. I'm probably getting a 3rd for their black friday sale.

    I just kinda got to the point that i didnt want 5 to 10 guitars. Just 2 or 3 really solid, really quality guitars. I had/have to deal with the fact that I dont have as much stuff to screw with, but I just made sure I really got exactly what I wanted in those guitars. And I gotta say, I'm happier for it in my gear wants/needs. I can totally afford more DC's or whatever, I just dont want to.

    I'v always been they type of guy to have a favorite everything and was loyal to that one thing. When I have a bunch of guitars, I end up having 1 or 2 favorites that get all the play. Its just better for my personality to have 2 or 3 of the same guitar with different asthetics but feel, play, and look(shape-wise) pretty much the same.

    If you actually play all the different guitars, then go for it. If your just in love with seeing guitars and wanting to own them, but really only use a couple the majority of the time, then just get a couple like them but excatly how you want them in specs, quality, and asthetics.
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