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Thread: Stumbled Upon an interesting guitar...

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    Stumbled Upon an interesting guitar...

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    yeah, ritter's got some unique stuff.
    ". . . . . . . ."

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    Your link only half worked for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by arweryn View Post

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    Lovely guitar! I saw a live one of this here in Jakarta. It was going for something close to US$8,000 (or a bit more I can't recall). No idea how the store got it in, but he does go across to the States quite often. Amazing looking - won't know how to play it too well though
    Check out for reviews on some of my axes. Due for an update, and will get to it soon!

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    I just see a lot of text and no guitars.

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    I love those Ritters, prefer them all white, though, I do like the maple.

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