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Thread: NGD: JP12-7 Baliburst

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    NGD: JP12-7 Baliburst

    Music Man JP12-7. I picked this Stunning guitar up in Atlanta in May. It quickly became my go to guitar. The finish is unreal, extremley 3D.
    Piazo bridge system, Crunch Lab/ liquid fire Pickup set.

    The Fretboard is made from a super nice piece of Ebony. It almost has a flame to it, and the grain is rediculously tight.


    Enjoy the Pics!

    Black/white photo shows off the flame in ebony.

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    Thats a Guitar Center Exclusive finish on the JP12. My GC still has it and it's an amazing guitar.
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    Ive wanted one of these since they first came out. Congrats dude

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    Looks great man. Good job on the clip too!

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