NGD and shit. Now in uber red.

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Thread: NGD and shit. Now in uber red.

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    NGD and shit. Now in uber red.

    Just got this DC800 in today. The pics make it look a little funny. They dont capture how bright the red is, or it washes it out too much. But its bright red and the flame is bitchin. I grabbed a few pics right after I got it, then a few after I installed the d-activator set in there. Threw a black clip lock on there to complete the ensemble and shit.

    Its got stainless steel frets and natural binding, maple neck through and alder wingeys. I notice carvin is doing their own locking tuners now and not sperzels. The carvins feel like rebranded schallers, and feel quality and solid. It seems like they enlarged the pickups routes a tad compared to my white DC.

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    That looks awesome with the black back and sides.

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    Two strings too many!

    Or is it too strings two many... I forget...

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    nice dude! that flame is the fingerboard ebony or rosewood? looks ebony in the first pic, but looks rosewood in the rest...maybe just funny lighting

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    niiiiiiice. been wanting a dc800, specially since they're allowing op50 for passive routes. enjoy
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    Tasty! Did you drill the holes in the bridge cover yourself?


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