So you may have seen a few weeks ago I bought a pre-lawsuit Les Paul DC Junior that looked a bit interesting (NGD here) Well I bought it with a few mods in mind and have been adding to the list since it arrived, going to try to get it up to the standard of a solid workhorse; it feels a bit flimsy at the moment. I'll be updating this thread with the stuff I do, it may take some time

Day 1

Just tearing down and a bit of cleaning up today:

All the parts

Shit tuners, will be replacing these with Wilkinson 3-on-a-strip tuners.

Pile of shit parts. Losing the shit nut at the bottom for a nice bone one.

An exploded view of the bridge. For some reason, the string ball retainer on the left is able to pivot on the two brass grub screws.

Side shot of the saddles bolted to their plate. Intonation screws will definitely need to be replaced since they're rather bent, as too will the action adjustment screws because I don't think I actually have a pair of identical screws there at all.

Bad wiring to bad pots. The only things I'll keep are the switch and the output jack. Possibly the jack plate.

Bit of a butchered wiring job to the neck pickup, won't be using it anyway. Gonna be getting an Adeson Tri-Sonic for the neck position.

Another butchery job, this time to fit a neck humbucker. Gonna try to replace a lot of the lost wood; fill in the holes with some dowel and then sand it down to put a slice of mahogany on to raise the level back up to the black stained section closest to the fretboard.

More wood butchery. Probably won't do much to this except perhaps extend the routed mount points for the old humbucker - Tri-Sonic pickups are wiiiiiiide.

Bit of a dull picture but I figured I'd put one up of the control cavity, the stain inside was probably the original colour of the guitar before the dodgy re-fin. However I won't be touching the colour of the thing - the beaten up, roughly painted faded TV yellow is pretty cool.

Thinking of losing the original neck plate and screws used to hold the neck on and replace them with these monster M8 bolts and threaded inserts, cut down of course. Bought them to replace the AANJ screws on my 7620 but they're way too big.

And this is what I'm aiming for. Hope to be doing this over the next couple of weeks.