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    New Pick Day

    Yeah, I'm going there.

    I've spent some time with a Hufschmid Attack Drop, and have been pretty much only using that lately, and my Winspear Icegrip sampler showed up last week, and I thought I'd talk about them. I got all four he offers.

    Winspear Picks

    I'll post pictures first (massive ones, sorry ) so you have an idea of the sizing, then talk about them. They're made out of that crazy stuff that Huf's picks are made out of, and have a grippy centre. The big difference between these and the Hufs is that the Hufs kind of bow out in the middle, whereas the Icegrips taper down evenly. I find the Hufs a bit more comfortable, but the Icegrips sound way better.

    ^First up is the Dagger. It's the smallest one, and is basically a monster Jazz III. It's cool, but I don't like Jazz IIIs, and can't see myself using this one. If anyone wants to try it, let me know and you can have it for free. I'd just want to split on postage if it's on the expensive side.

    edit: Spoken for! The Longsword is still up for grabs, though.

    ^Next up is the Longsword. It's like a replacement to a normal Dunlop pick. It's cool, but I probably wouldn't play it too much, so same deal, let me know if you want it.

    ^Onto what I was really interested in. This is the Battleaxe VI (The VI meaning it was cut from a 6mm blank). It's easier to play than the Battleaxe VIII, I think because the taper's more gradual and not as noticeable. It sounds good, feels good, and I'm planning on keeping this around as one of my go-to picks.

    ^This is my favourite, the Battleaxe VIII - cut from an 8mm blank. It sounds noticeably louder than the VI, and it's a lot fatter and more comfortable, but it still has all the attack the VI does. That's what I really like about this pick - it seems to hit the sweet spot, where it's comfortable like a massive pick and relaxes your hand, but it still has the attack of a standard pick. My only complaint is that the steep taper makes it feel like the pick is slipping backwards out of your grip, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

    The Hufschmid Attack Drop feels the best (probably out of any pick I've played), but it doesn't have the attack that the Icegrips do. Especially with big strings. The Icegrips don't feel as hard as the Huf (despite apparently being made of the same material), but they don't do that annoying chirp that the Huf (and the other huge picks I've used) do. Both of these picks spank the big acrylic ones, but the Icegrips are definitely the best big picks I've used, and I've finally found something to replace regular picks.

    Here are a couple I edited the crap out of to try and show of the bevels/taper of the Battleaxe VIII compared to a Dunlop Tortex.

    And here are a couple of me holding the VIII. Be careful, my rugged hands will probably have you rethinking your sexuality.

    So yeah, all in all, these picks aren't perfect, but they're definitely my favourite big picks I've used, mainly because they're the only ones that don't sound fat and clinky with no attack. I'm probably gonna order another of each of the Battleaxes when I've got some extra cash. Tom's an awesome guy and great to deal with, and his pricing's way better than other big picks.

    Would definitely recommend.

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    looks like UHMW plastic? that stuff is pretty heavy duty. They tried making frames for inline skates out of it but it tends to bend so your axles would get loose from drops.

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    I'd be happy to take the Monster Jazz III off your hands since that's all I play PM me and I'll shoot you some shipping money.

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    Now those are some awesome looking picks.
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    8mm? Are you angry at your strings?
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey View Post
    I'd be happy to take the Monster Jazz III off your hands since that's all I play PM me and I'll shoot you some shipping money.
    Sounds good dude.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    8mm? Are you angry at your strings?
    I'm normally pretty heavy-handed, but these actually have me lightening my picking up a bit. Once you get hooked on how relaxed your hand is with a fat pick, there's no going back.

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    Looks like a collection of teeth from wild animals, love it!

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    I could absolutely not imagine using a pick that thick.
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