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Thread: Black satin finish question

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    Black satin finish question

    I just bought a schecter sls c-7 in the black satin finish. The guitar plays great and sounds great, but I have noticed there are some bumps in the finish on the back of the neck. Is there anyway to get rid of these, or should I return the guitar. I wouldn't care if it wasn't on the neck, but I can feel them while I am playing. It really sucks because the guitar plays well and sounds great. It looks like it happened when they finished it.

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    u could put some scotch/painters tape something like that down surrounding the bumps, then take a razor blade flush to the neck and remove them that way..sand if needed.

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    If there's more in stock I would return it over trying to fix it myself.
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    yeah they ordered it for me, they didn't have it in stock, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it. They will return it and order me another...I wish I didn't have to, the guitar plays great.

    I could probably sand them off, but my main concern is will the sanding scuff the satin finish up really noticeably...

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    Does it sound good? Does it play good? Then who fucking cares, if you return it you might get a beautiful looking dud.
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