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    NRGD (New replacement guitar day)

    Well some of you may remember me getting a sweet Washburn N7 about 6 months or so ago. Long story short after about 3 months it developed stress cracks at the locking nut bolts. I emailed Washburn pics and they told me to send it in for a new neck. Estimated time of repair was 60-90 days. Well something happened and they overlooked it and the repair went long. In order to not keep me waiting any longer they just replaced the guitar. The old one was pretty plain looking, but was an amazing player. This new one looks better. Cleaner and better grain on the body and very cool figure on the neck as well as a bit of cool grain in the ebony board. Still not sure if it plays as well as the other, but it plays great nonetheless and it sounds great. It did ship in much hotter conditions so it needed more setup work than the original which shipped to me in February.
    The issue with the original

    The new guitar

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    I absolutely love this thing I hope the new one holds up for you.
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    Damn. That cutaway, and the grain. Just. Damn.

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    That is some nice grain. Very cool of Washburn to replace it.

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    I had Dean do the same thing with one of my basses, they said to pick out a new one and I got one double the price of the original.

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    Looks killer!

    Weather can definitely affect different guitars differently, lol. Grats on the replacement!

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    Wirelessly posted

    Good on the company!
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    Oh man, I do love these, they look killer, I keepthinking I should save up for one as they are just so awesome looking!

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