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Thread: Sterling JP50 trem

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    Sterling JP50 trem

    I am considering buying a used one but I don't know about the trem. I know it's a floating trem but there isn't a locking nut. The one I played was in D standard and I tried to get it back into E standard but it just pulled the trem up higher as I did. Is there a screw in the body that needs to be tightened? Is the trem stable once it's tuned? Since there are no fine tuners, if one string goes out of tune do you just tune it regularly? Will that mess up the other strings? I noticed that when I tuned one string all the others would be affected. Tell me your experiences with this guitar.

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    I had the JP70, which I believe is the same basic trem. Like any unlocked floater, if you increase string tension you'll need to adjust the body screws to compensate.

    That said - Once I had my JP70 setup I played the hell out of it and whammied my ass off, and it held tune brilliantly. Those SBMMs are great guitars all around.

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