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Thread: NGD: 1991 Ibanez RG760

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    NGD: 1991 Ibanez RG760

    I'd been looking for a nice HSS guitar for a while, so when I saw this for sale I just had to get it. I also got inspired by this thread a bit earlier:

    What's this guitar worth?

    Basswood body, maple neck, really dark and nice rosewood fretboard
    Sharkfin inlays
    Jewel Blue finish with matching headstock
    The single-coils are Dimarzios, so I'd assume the bridge pickup is a Dimarzio too.
    Wizard neck
    24 Jumbo frets


    It came with a pretty nice Gator case:


    The worst damage on the guitar. Everybody who's owned an RG knows that this will happen eventually:

    Matching headstock:

    Early 90's Ibanez FTW.

    Enough pictures?

    It's got some wear and tear, but nothing major. The neck is in pretty much perfect shape, and what a great playing neck it is. It feels maybe just a bit thicker than the Wizard on my S540, but it could just be psychological. The frets are also in pretty good shape. All in all, the condition is pretty much as good as you can hope for in a 22 year old guitar.

    Acoustically the guitar is very loud and resonant, and the pickups sound pretty good. The single-coils sit too low right now, so I have to raise them a bit. At the moment the humbucker is so much higher that it completely overpowers the other pickups.
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    That is fucking gorgeous.

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    Damn dude, that's horrifically good looking!

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    very VERY nice! White pickups is always a nice touch!

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    Oh hubba hubba!

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    Very very nice.
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