does this sound like a dead fret?

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Thread: does this sound like a dead fret?

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    does this sound like a dead fret?

    I bought a guitar at GC after playing it for about an hour. I tested all the frets and had no issue.

    When I got it home and played it, on the high E string only the 24th fret works. Every other note is dead on that string.

    Did it somehow get damaged in the case or something?

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    Is the action lower on that string than the rest?
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    No, in fact I need to lower the action.

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    Have you tried replacing just that string to see if it helps? String could have went bum.
    Heres a couple inspections to help find the problem:
    Take a loot at the frets and ensure they are seated flat on the fretboard, the outsides are usually where they start to pop out if they weren't radiused before installation.
    Inspect the nut. Press down on the 3rd fret area and ensure the string isnt touching the first fret after the nut (which would mean the nut slot is too low)
    Make sure your truss rod is properly adjusted (there are plenty if instructionals on the web.)
    Check the neck angle with a 24" straight edge. - Adjust truss rod to make neck dead straight and lay the straight edge on the frets and slide it toward the bridge. The straight edge should lye flat on the bridge (if its an acoustic) NOT the string saddle or significantly below it. If its an electric, use good judgement depending on the type of bridge you have, it should relate close to the above instructions for an acoustic.
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    Check to see if the neck is still straight.
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    When we were looking for cases it got put in a case with the bar still on which must've depressed it all the way. I just found that the bridge was pressed down on that side so I had to turn the screw on the stud to raise it back up. I hope it didn't do any damage do it. All the notes play ok now.

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