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    A real metal guitar

    Hi everbody. 1st post.

    I Googled 'metal guitars' looking for info about guitars made of metal. Found this place.

    I'm trying to get a handle on how much the one I made could be worth, but it's looking like they aren't very common.

    Probably cant post links rite off the bat, so you will have to work your finger joints to see it. It's in the projects section at the zolkorp website.

    Many years ago, about the time I made it, there was some company machining guitars out of a single piece of aluminum. Can't recall the name. Anybody know if that went anywhere?

    About this one: I had this 1/2 x 2 bar of stainless steel lying around and my brother said "that would make a good guitar neck!" So, being immortal, I didn't think twice about spending a few months on a fun project. Turned out to be about 8 months, then several years later, he wanted some changes, so another 4 months.

    So....wudduyu think?

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    post some pics up on here man! download the pics to photobucket then you can direct link them directly into your post.

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    Looks like a banjo that doubles as a war hammer. I'd play it.

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    Can you play Spoon Man on it?

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    Nope! I'm sure sumwun else can, tho. I can't play any instruments.

    Thanks for the link, Chris. Now that you mention it, it duz look a little banjoish. My bro sed he wanted a giant chiklet, so thats wut I made!

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    Some intersting stuff I found in another forum.

    A guy in Australia made or iz still making an all metal guitar, but its all steel! And its the traditional body shape, so it wayz about 60 to 70 poundz!!!

    Look up 'Solid Metal Guitar" at guitar forums.com. He haz a bunch uv piks (picturez I mean) az the project progressed.

    I hav a short video sumwer frum wen I wuz milling the frets & the hed on mine. I'l get around to converting it & putting it on Youtube eventually.

    Also, therez a company called Liguid Metal Guitars thats making them out uv aluminum, at least partially.

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