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Thread: NGD: USA Jackson B8

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    NGD: USA Jackson B8

    Hey guys,
    This NGD is slightly late and I don't have a ton of pics since I am on tour and we have been focusing on preparing for that for the last week.
    But here are some pics and initial thoughts on my Jackson B8.
    Pics first (all but the last taken/edited by Nolly since the lighting at the practice spot was perfect and he actually had his camera with him there)

    Now as far as the guitar goes. Jackson really knocked it out of the park with this guitar. I feel like the 8 string is still a guitar that a lot of manufacturers have been trying to figure out since it is a relatively new concept and has its fair share of design challenges to figure out and overcome, but these are slowly getting figured out This B8 really is an incredible 8, the neck actually feels fast and thin, and the tone is very balanced on the instrument.

    I find that the middle strings can sometimes sound weird on 8s due to their scale, but no weird tonalities or timbres on this one, and even the high strings sound good, not harsh or thin.

    The pickups do their job well, though I look forward to switching them out with my sig BKP set once the 8 string set is ready. And I will most likely use this guitar to test those out since it really is a great sounding guitar and will work well as a testbed for that!

    I had Jackson mod the guitar slightly by adding luminlay side dots and dunlop strap locks so that I would be able to use it live, but other than that it's dead stock. It really is one of the best 8's I have ever played, beating out even some customs, and honestly it's priced amazingly for a USA built guitar of it's caliber.

    The bridge is a proprietary Jackson bridge which seems to function much like a hipshot and works just as well, and the color is the walnut stain, but it looks a lot lighter than I have seen it in the past, don't know exactly why but I love the color either way!

    Anyways, that's all I have for now, gonna keep using this badboy on tour and for recording!

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    Nice dude!!! you can never have too many Jacksons...and seeing all of yours lately, i just want more!

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    Nice VIK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel View Post
    Nice VIK!

    Nice score dude! I don't get why there's so much hate for these at all, I think they're incredibly swish.


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    Body kinda looks like it should be on a bass to me, clean non the less.

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    Holy shit man she a beauty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blankplank View Post

    Nice score dude! I don't get why there's so much hate for these at all, I think they're incredibly swish.
    There's hate for them? I think they look great.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Your whoredom knows no bounds, dude.

    That thing looks great - is it a natural maple finish that was lightly stained with brown and then sanded back to bring out the grain? Looks awesome, whatever it is.
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