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Thread: NGD - blue KXK 7DC - vid inside!

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    NGD - blue KXK 7DC - vid inside!

    So, after coveting this guitar when Francesco Filigoi got it, it ended up in the middle of one of our epic trades, and here she is. This is, bar none, the best KxK I've played so far, and it's such a remarkably beautiful axe! Weather here has been utter crap, so the pics I have been able to take don't do her justice at all, but Francesco managed to a get a few sweet shots, fortunately!

    So, piccage:

    Dat top!

    Very subtle birdseye figuring on the fingerboard.

    And now... noises with moving pictures!

    Speccage is as follows:
    - Mahogany neck
    - Mahogany body
    - Flame Maple body/head top
    - Birdseye maple fretboard
    - Ebony side dots, shell logo
    - 25.5" Scale, 16" radius
    - KxK pickups (now replaced with cream BKP Nailbomb / VH2 as seen on pic #2 and vid)
    - Tone Pros bridge
    - Sperzel locking tuners
    - Dunlop Dual Design strap locks
    - 24 Dunlop 6000 frets
    - 1V 3way, no tone
    - Blue/clear finish

    This thing is ridiculously lightweight, and the sheer volume and snap it has unplugged are just a preview of what's to come once you plug her in. Details are up to Rob's typical stellar workmanship and I couldn't be happier with her.

    Also, she doesn't have a handle. That is very intentional.
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    Very nice looking.

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    Nice. No beard no care though.


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    Awesome, Fred.

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    wow! look at that fret board
    very nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blankplank View Post
    Nice. No beard no care though.
    You have more Beard in the vid than you can cope with, young one!

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