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Thread: NGD: Sherman Fanned Fret 8 String

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    NGD: Sherman Fanned Fret 8 String

    I honestly never thought I'd be able to write that post title, but here we are. I won't go into this guitar's history, but many of you know a bit of it. For whatever its past may be, it's come to me and that's where this picstory begins.

    Every time I go to the US to get a guitar, it's an 8 string. Granted, that's been only twice, now, but so far I'm 2/2. After waiting a torturous 1 1/2 weeks for PayPal to gouge me senseless process my transaction to Chris, the payment finally cleared. Quigs, being the upstanding gentleman that he is, shipped it off immediately (seriously, like within 20 minutes of it clearing ) for overnight delivery to upstate NY. My wife and I rented a car and drove down this afternoon, even before the package had been delivered by USPS. Call us keeners if you will, but I didn't want to let this guitar sit without my hands on it for any longer than necessary.

    Leaving Montreal:

    Getting closer:

    ...Closer, now waiting in line at the border:

    Almost there (you can tell by how god damn free that flag is):

    BAM. Package received. Chris used about 47 rolls of packing tape on it, forming an exoskeleton that protected the precious contents from all harm at the hands of postal employees:

    Now, the last time I went through this routine in New York, I was several years younger, thicker of hair, and trenchier of coat:

    This time, though, I was getting a real grown-up guitar, so I decided to try to look the part:

    After breaking 4 of the complimentary knives cutting through the packing tape, here's what sweets awaited me. That is one solidly packed case:

    Take off that case-condom, baby, I'm on the pill. No, of course I don't say that to all the guys, you're my first.... tonight....

    Quigs had to buy a case for this guitar, and a pretty nice case it is. If this didn't fit, though, he was going to send it in a bass case.

    The troops advance:

    The last time I went through THIS routine, this happened:

    This time, though, I was in for a much nicer treat. This photo wasn't staged, by the way - I was honestly reeling from what I saw inside:

    I mean, look at that packing job! It was beautiful, well-thought out, and expertly executed. Also, the guitar was pretty good, too:

    Here I am, holding my new baby for the first time:

    While I was playing it in the store, my wife cleaned out the case and found some serious swag inside. She's been with me long enough to know when a thumb's up is necessary:

    See? This is another one of those situations. Seriously, pictures don't do justice to how good this thing looks in person.

    Heading home, we were good little citizens and dutifully submitted to being shredded on import fees. On the other hand, dat flamed fretboard!

    On the way out of the Canadian border area, my wife found herself at a bad angle for accessing the touchpad necessary to raise the gate. So, she used her custom XTendo-Pencil. I'm just glad she didn't try to use the guitar:

    So, there we have it. I have what's damn close to my dream guitar for many years, now, and I'm still sort of in shock about it. If you're wondering about the specs, here's the important stuff:

    - 25.5"-28.5" fan
    - Mahogany body, flamed maple top
    - 7-piece maple/wenge neck-through
    - Flamed maple fingerboard
    - Nordstrand pickups
    - Gold hardware

    As you might expect, it plays and sounds amazing. It reminds me of my Dingwall in that every string is really usable and balanced - no part of the instrument has to be treated differently because of the scale. The F# is actually usable in chords, which is not possible on the 2228. I just feel really at home on the instrument, which is always a good sign for me. The fan gets a little hard to manage on the lower strings in high registers, but that's always the trade-off with larger fans. The low end, though, is pure bliss.

    I'll presumably write more as I become more familiar with it. Maybe even take a low-quality video or two.

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    Look at all that case candy!

    And they spelled Pittsburgh wrong on the highway sign!

    Congrats bud, I hope you enjoy it. But I'd hit it off with a little isopropyl alcohol first.

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    Holy fuck man that's so nice grats.
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    Hell fucking yes. Enjoy it brother!

    That thing is an asskicker, and I'm glad it went to someone who'll play the shit out of it. Just, uh, don't let anyone get near it that you don't want pregnant.

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    I hope you broke that cardboard down, or you'd have been assessed a fee!

    Now, show us your clip. Rub your clip for us.

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    It should be noted that this guitar was thoroughly approved of by everyone who encountered it on the trip. The border mail depot employees, other random Canadians getting packages, Canada's Friendliest Customs Agent, AND America's Friendliest Customs Agent. (okay, so the American guy mostly approved of the IDEA of the guitar. But still.)

    And yes, we did break down the cardboard. Or rather, I broke down the cardboard while Duncan took advantage of a very conveniently placed stool to begin the rocking-out process early. We also followed the unwritten but extremely important "Don't ask the ex-customs-agent border mail guy about smuggling your shit back into Canada" rule.

    Quote Originally Posted by jaxadam View Post
    And they spelled Pittsburgh wrong on the highway sign!

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    Epic yo post a vid

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