Strap Locks. Are they all the same?

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Thread: Strap Locks. Are they all the same?

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    Strap Locks. Are they all the same?

    I'm going to order 3 sets in the next few days and thought I'd ask the question.
    Are they all reliable? Are some known to fail? Figured I should ask as I remember a few people here saying they didn't like one particular company's locks.
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    I use the Dimarzio strap locks. They hold 100lbs of pressure, and have a very silky feel.

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    I had a guitar fall flat on its face because of the Dunlop locks. I replaced everything with Schallers shortly there after, and have no failures since. That was 1994.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soxfan121292 View Post
    I use the Dimarzio strap locks. They hold 100lbs of pressure, and have a very silky feel.
    It's more than 100lb. It's upwards of 150lb at least.


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    IMO, Schallers are dependable but sometimes a little rattle-y. Dunlops work well, too, except when they don't; also, if a Dunlop gets stuck on the guitar because the little security tab fails it is a real bitch to get it off (has happened to me). My favorites by far are the little plastic disks you place on the existing strap buttons and over the strap. Then you just rotate the disk. And they only cost a few dollars.

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    I was using the Schallers and they do work good I still have them on a few of my guitars , but I found them to be noisy and I can hear the rattle through my amp. I am slowly switching all my guitars over to Dunlop , I have had them on one of my guitars for 22 years and they still work great and hasn't failed. Pick one that works for you , buy one of each and try it, if you are like me and have a large collection of guitars buying the wrong ones for you can be expensive to switch out. By the time I have all mine switched over to dunlop it will cost about $200. Good luck

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    I've got DiMarzio, Schaller and Grolsch strap locks. I'd say the Schaller and Grolsch are my favourite as they both allow you to use the strap of your choice and the Grolsch ones come with beer attached.

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    I've been wanting to try out the LOXX strap locks for a while now.

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