Baritone (27"+ scale) 7-string vs. regular 7-string (25.5)?

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Thread: Baritone (27"+ scale) 7-string vs. regular 7-string (25.5)?

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    Baritone (27"+ scale) 7-string vs. regular 7-string (25.5)?

    Hello. Yeah, it's me again. I'm a baritone 6-string lover. I've never owned a 7-string of any kind before.

    The answers to these questions are probably obvious, but I haven't been able to get a solid answer on either:

    1) What's the true advantage to owning a baritone scale 7-string vs a standard scale 7?

    2) What would you, personally, tune a baritone 7-string to?

    I know that typical 7 tuning is like my bari but with a high E added for extra lovin'

    B E A D G B E is typical on a 7 I would assume.

    What do you tune a bari 7 to?

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    I tend to keep to standard tuning, so I can only speak to your first point, but the big benefit is increased string tension in the bass. It's really noticeable, too, and has a fairly significant impact on your overall sound. If you're primarily doing rhythm work, they're excellent guitars - the trade-off is that the treble strings become tighter, leading to increased difficulty doing bends (unless you're, you know, a man), longer reaches between frets, and a more piano-like timbre in the high register.

    You really have to play one to know what they're like.

    Or just join the fanned-fret master race and be done with all those weak-ass scale length arguments for good.

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    1. A baritone 7 simply has more string tension and bit more room between frets. Some people like that you can use lighter strings and retain more tension.

    2. I personally tune my baritone 7 to A standard with 11-68g strings.
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    baritones allow for:

    -lower tunings
    -lighter string gauge without going floppy

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    Good info. Thanks. I use 56-13 on my 6 bari now - light, sounds great, easy to play.

    Those "multi-scale" fanned fret guitars are fascinating. And perplexing. And cool. Before the Agiles I had only seen Andy McKee play with fanned frets on his (Greenfield, I think?) custom acoustic. Cool. Very cool.

    Well. That was easy. Again, appreciate the help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abhorred View Post
    ....the trade-off is that the treble strings become tighter, leading to increased difficulty doing bends (unless you're, you know, a man)....
    ^ Quote of the day in my world. I actually audibly laughed. lol

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    Wirelessly posted

    I would want 27" scale for B standard (and probably C too) regardless of strings. I've tried an agile and mushok SE and prefer that tension. I had a les paul in C standard, it worked but it was a bit loose.
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    Both have their own sound. I like longer scales for tighter, brighter sounds, and 25.5 for sludgier, warmer stuff.

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    Also keep in mind the longer the scale the lighter gauge strings you can use so if you're used to heavy gauges at 25.5" try something lighter at 27" and up for similar tension.
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