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Thread: NGD! - Jackson JS32-Q

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    NGD! - Jackson JS32-Q

    I needed a spare 7 string guitar, easy to carry on, easy to setup and to change strings on the go, so I went online and checked for these JS32 jackson models.
    Then I found a shop here in Ireland that has this motto : " we will match every online price, especially the germans'".
    So I asked the guy the price and he offered same as Thomann, with the difference that I wouldn't have to pay shipping and could actually try the guitar.
    Then he offered me some cash for one of my guitars ( an old LTD F200 ),
    so I only paid the Jackson 180 Euro.

    I brought it home yesterday and yes, I like it a lot. It's waaay lighter than my Slat 3-7 and this will save my shoulders, because when i practice a lot, especially in the studio with the band, I suffer from back pain all the time.
    The neck is very thin, in pure Jackson style.
    My son was sleepin so I couldn't play in my amp.
    It has Jackson stock pickups that i'm probably going to change for some Seymour Duncan soon.
    Here some pictures, taken with my phone.
    I hope to do a video demo at some stage.

    ( hopefully the forum will resize the pictures correctly as I don't know how to do it! )

    //“Whether you say you can't or you can, you're right.”

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    That's some cheap quilted maple, but it looks good enough, and considering the price it's totally sweet! How is the quality?

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    Looks Great! I just got the SLATXMGQ3-7 model this summer. I love it. So much so that I'm really GASing for one of these also. The price is right.

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    aw yea

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    Nice. Which shop is that mate?

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    how's the neck on it?

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    Nice. so for a beginning or backup guitar these models are good? you havent find any promblems yet? it is a cool guitar for sure man

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    I got to play one of those when I was looking for my last 7. Killer axe! has a awesome neck and feel for the price. Even the stock pickups were pretty good

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