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Thread: Jackson 7 string SL2H custom ...

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    Jackson 7 string SL2H custom ...

    Hi guys and gals sorry I know this maybe lame and I know someone here or at SS org had done it before with Matt music... but I would like to just ask again if anyone who missed the previous slot on a Jackson CS and would like to get one? I am thinking if we could do one more small batch run again from Matt music?

    am looking at basically the same as a regular SL2H but think SL2H-7 with flamed/curly flamed maple top, inverse headstock with matching flamed maple cap, Trans black color and maybe 27" scale length...

    Specs is still under discussion below:

    Maple neck with alder wings + 1/4" Flamed maple top/(Curly Flamed maple top) <== additional cost may incur for Curly Flamed maple
    27" scale length <==== To be confirmed
    Inverse headstock with matching Flamed/ curly flamed maple cap.
    All other specs remains same as original SL2H

    its a two year wait and a small batch of least 6 to kick start this frenzy but Matt from Matt's music had mentioned the wait could be faster after January Namm show if it falls under a Custom select category.. hope to be on positive side.

    we would eventually come to conclusion with the head count on par and price would varies slightly with any of the specs changed mentioned above....

    can we gather this as much for being a Jackson lover? Just think an original SL2H with 7 string Flamed maple top/ curly flamed maple top, matching headstock, 27" scale and a nice inverse headstock and a sexy trans black color if it still didn't speak of the metal community here ? hit me up in my PM to confirm in the listing be it a CS or a custom select...

    1) Blankplank
    6) HopkinWFG
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    Is it going to be baritone again? I'd be seriously interested depending on pricing and timing.


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    Thanks !!! I don't know maybe? maybe not I am Asian and have small hands lol.. thanks for the interest as I am dying for a Jackson CS !

    can we have a revival ? we can come to further discussion long as its CS SL2H-7 with Flame maple top and trans black color... why? cause I used to have an SL2H transblack and this guitar brings me memories but I sold it and now I want it back... I would need to list out number of interested parties.

    Blankplank as told by Matt its like 4k if I were to order it myself as Jackson Mike Shannon would build it for me but its too costly... so I took the chance to come down to this if we could work out a small batch? and as told the duration of wait is like 18 months or a year? I am no hurry
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    The last run wasn't baritone, it just had the Floyd moved slightly so it would intonate better.

    Since my specs would be different from everyone else's, I'll sit this one out.

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    what kinda specs your looking at Mike ? don't mind talk it out if we could compromise? I don't think the thread would interest much people here due to the previous thread even its kinda hard to have people sitting for 10 slot...

    am as long as its SL2H-7 transblack with flame maple top... 27" or 26.5" or 25.5 would be cool... I haven't talk to Matt yet on the least number that would need to qualify for a custom run which it be discounted... am hoping very much for my Jackson CS to happen guys ! Thanks

    I eventually need 4 or 5 confirmed parties to start an official thread of the CS run get Matt to kick start and we would gather more till it reaches its qualifying objective...
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    Didn't Mesh have a baritone SL2H-7 from one of these runs?
    Honestly, I'd take just an SL2H-7. Preferably baritone but not fussed! Keep me updated!

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    Mesh's baritone was a one off. The run was for a 2H, 25.5".

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    Wirelessly posted (Metal Shop \m/)

    Mike will want a shitty top mount Floyd.

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