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Thread: NGD - Aristides 070 proto #2. Vid inside. :)

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    NGD - Aristides 070 proto #2. Vid inside. :)

    So, while I was skimming my and answering people's questions one day, one particular link caught my eye, namely a dude asking me if I had any thoughts pertaining the new Aristides 070, with a link to a render on their Facebook page. Since I was always keen on a) trying out a composite alternative that actually works with electric guitars / basses and b) find that in an ERG format (as some may know, I don't really play 6's), I was quite interested and followed the progress and eventually got in touch with the guys at Aristides, whom I came to know were quite into my work.

    Not that long passes by and proper finalized renders popped up, such as this:

    As the protos were made, #2 was sent to me (#1 belongs to Timo Sommers, a long time Aristides player and a heck of a nice dude) for testing, which it saw a lot of prior and my feedback was delivered to the Aristides team. So, pics first:

    Timo is apparently performing the finishing touches on my guitar here.

    The guitar just before being sent to me, awaiting final fret level and inspection.

    Dat ass, dat fret access. This is still an unpainted cover here, and a new one will be finding its way to me soon.

    Just so you know whose 070 this is. Notice the appropriate red / black lettering - I am pleased!

    And here she is!

    Classy headstock, this one. Smart move.

    All ready to go on stage...

    ...and here she is prior to her first gig in a very intimate kind of setting, alongside my Jugg-fitted Jaden Rose OS7. That means no masks, no way to compensate shortcomings - just how I like to test them.

    Slick. Really slick - original without giving me the "trying too hard" vibe.

    So, now comes the review: this is one of those things where you are confident it will work as peeps have clearly done their homework, but still have no idea as to HOW it will work for you. Speccage first:

    - Arium one piece moulded body and neck, protective glass and carbon fibre coating;
    - Hipshot bridge and Griplock tuners, chrome;
    - Seymour Duncan Sentient / Pegasus pickup set;
    - 26,5" scale, ebony fingerboard (only bit of wood on the guitar)

    So, simple as it gets, so first things first: how does this Arium thingy sound? Loud, very loud, quite clear but without feeling honky or exaggerated in the low and high frequencies (I've had a fair deals of gripes with the latter in my tests with alternative materials in particular). If I was to establish a relation to more conventional types, it's like what would happen if a 335 and Strat had a love affair and their child was born with an extra string, in a way. I found it quite pleasant. The feel is very good, no stickiness, no "foreign" feel to anything, and it's very comfortable to play even over lengthy sessions. Impeccable fretwork, solid feel, as you should demand from upmarket offerings like this.

    Needless to say, that's all nice and dandy but how does this translate when you enter her savagely with a jack tip and let the amp rip? Quite well, in fact. I have to say the SD set, while translating the tone well, could do with a hair more character shaping, and I'm installing my trusty Juggernaut set here for that very reason, but that's all about personal taste and they do respond quite well to dynamics and respect the guitar's tone both full or tapped.

    Here's a video of the lass in action:
    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - Aristides 070 - Katana - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    All in all, it's a really great guitar. Sustain is immense, and the tone is organic unlike its construction. Not just that, it's pretty, stable, comfortable and has a voice all its own while sounding like a guitar should. Most recommended, and the first time I used a composite electric that felt and sounded "right".
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    Did it come with that bitchin' leopard fleece the dude is wearing?

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    Always more room for composite guitars, though I wish this one was a bit more exciting design-wise.

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    That's actually really nice looking. Glad it rocks too dude!

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    Me want so bad.
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    Personally, I love the looks. Kind of like those old ideas on what the supposed F-19 was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Did it come with that bitchin' leopard fleece the dude is wearing?

    that actually sounds really nice for a composite

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