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Thread: NGD: Music Man JP7 BFR Flamed Koa Top

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    NGD: Music Man JP7 BFR Flamed Koa Top

    Hi folks! Thought you might like this one

    Here's a vid I've recently shot with it:

    [VIDEO]]Francesco Filigoi - Guest Solo on Ryan Siew's track w/ Music Man JP7 BFR Koa & Axe Fx II - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    And some proper eye candy! If you fancy, download Full-Res pictures at this link:

    A couple words:

    I've owned a fair amount of JP7s and this one is definitely my favourite. My first one has been a BFR Walnut Burst which sounded very balanced, the feel of rosewood fretboard was amazing but it wasn't "cutting" enough for my playing style, expecially noticeable on pinch harmonics. Then I switched to a JPXI 7, incredible riff machine but way too focused sounding, leads and cleans didn't breathe enough imho.
    Then I sold my JPXI for a JP12-7, which sounded HUGE with cleans and leads out of this world (I think it's the ultimate Petrucci tone), but at the expenses of less tightness in the low register.
    Our other guitarist also has a JP7 PDN with mahogany body, roasted maple neck and Pau Ferro fretboard, I like it a lot but think it's a bit too "nasal", doesn't really express Petrucci's tone.

    And after all these, I came to the Koa the full mahogany body coupled with Koa top and ebony fretboard retain the tightness and percussiveness I loved on my JPXI 7, but also add the "air" and musicality that I was searching for and liked on the BFR and JP12. I'd say overall it's balanced but on the warmer side, with a deep musical low end that never gets overkill.
    Sustain is unparalleled and even the highest notes are so full, never harsh, hence I'm using it a lot to track solos as of late.

    I've replaced the usual DiMarzio Crunch Lab & Liquifire set with ceramic Nailbomb in the bridge and VHII in the neck. I was never a fan of the stock set, dark, mushy and compressed. I find these BKPs much clearer, tighter, with tons more character/juice and less output. I feel they help the guitar retaining its "complex" character.

    All in all, a fantastic instrument which rivals and surpasses many customs I've tried. Hope you liked the NGD!

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    Hot damn nice guit is this a new finish, never like this before.

    *Edit* Look at the natural "shield/shovel" looks pretty good on this.

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    Very nice looking.

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    Wow just wow that's nice.
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    This sure as fuck didn't help my GAS for a JP model!

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    Oh my... i just had a guitargasm!
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    Jesus christ
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    unfairly nice. Also the first guitar in a while I've found to be acceptable with gold hardware.
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