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Thread: NGD: Blackmachine B6 (Pics and Review)

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    NGD: Blackmachine B6 (Pics and Review)

    Hi folks, this is my first post and NGD here, i posted this at another guitar forum, sooo i thought i'd post the same thing here.

    Here we go..

    BLACKMACHINE B6 2013 #16

    2piece lightweight swamp ash body
    Indian rosewood fretboard
    Maple neck with dyed black maple fillets
    Schaller Hannes, Carbon fibre/black chrome
    Sperzel Locking Tuners
    Bare Knuckle Coldsweat Bridge / VHII Neck(reversed pol)
    Petrucci Style wiring & Switch
    1 Vol/No tone.

    My first contact with Doug was over 5 years ago, back then the order book was closed, however, He and Jonathan contacted me in May 2013, and gave me a spot for 2013 years batch of only 20 guitars. (this is #16 last batch of 2013).

    Here we go..

    The first feeling i got from fiddeling some high notes on the clean channel was that it feels like silk, everything just fits perfectly together, i know i have new strings and all… but i could literally not feel any friction what so ever, the neck and and the hannes bridge contributes to that smooth feeling to, it is the most comfortable guitar i have played, ever. The BK-VHII humbucker is incredibly clear with well defined harmonics. In the middle position (split humbucker mode) it got an amazing piezo feeling, good string separation with that acoustic vibe going on.

    I quickly got into heavier chugging stuff with hi-gain. You feel every note ringing trough your hands while the amp is roaring. This guitar is meant to be played hard! The sound is pretty dark with allot of attack. The maple/swamp ash combo is doing something magically with the acoustics ..then again the b6s wood pieces are carefully selected for its tonality properties, nothing else.

    This guitar is a workhorse. It's the real deal, you feel that instantly when you pick it up and plug it in. It is light and sounds HUGE, i love the simplicity and the wood selections are spot on. The B6 i tried years ago had a really rough surface, you could feel the grain, min however is smooth as a baby, and the old bridge was meeeh, (hated it..) then i saw a couple of new B2s and B6s with the new bridge setup, and i had to get one.

    Ill post some clips later on.

    Comments are welcome!
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    but no 7=

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    Quote Originally Posted by User Name View Post

    but no 7=
    Took the words right out of my mouth. Congrats and dude.

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    Good score. It's nice to see Doug actually replied to some of the emails he got...


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    Nice first post! Looks killer, bet it sounds killer too!

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    Looks like a nice, clean guitar all around. I dig it.

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    Nice. I've always really liked the simple, organic look that Doug gets with those guitars. I'm probably gonna never play one, but I can look at them.

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    Wow amazing guitar ya got there. Happy NGD man!
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