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Thread: NGD ViK Guitars Duality 7 "Vik in a week"

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    NGD ViK Guitars Duality 7 "Vik in a week"

    This guitar was my introduction to ViK Guitars. It was made in one week in the Spring of 2012, not to be confused with Nolly's Duality or the recent one that was built with the quilt top.

    It took me over a year to post this one up but here it is for you guys to check out. This guitar took my perception of what a guitar can be to the next level, and I didn't even know there was another level to be honest. This is a guitar that will stay with me forever. It continues to blow my mind every time I play it. Its a super high quality guitar with exceptional playability, tone and feel. My perception of build to build consistency from ViK Guitars was realized and cemented firmly when I got the Green Duality 8. They are both extraordinary guitars.

    The ViK pickups are outstanding! They are super clear and provide excellent definition. I really like the feel of a rosewood neck and Maple over Black Limba is an obvious winner in the tone department. African Blackwood is quite possibly my favorite fretboard wood now. Its harder than ebony and has a slick oily type feel to it that grips.

    25.7" scale
    Maple top
    Black Limba body
    Brazilian Rosewood and maple set neck
    African Blackwood fretboard compound 16"-22"
    Flamed maple neck and headstock binding
    Hipshot bridge
    ViK Pickups wired for push pull coil tap and 3 way switch


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    Drop dead gorgeous, man.

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    Jaw dropping.

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    Those are quite smexy.

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    that looks cool
    edit: i jus saw the green one whoa dat inlay

    Pure Riffery

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    sex...that is all.

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    The guy above has said all that needs to be said.

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    That was built in a week?
    That is gorgeous.

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