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Thread: NGD: 1984 BC Rich Warlock NJ

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    NGD: 1984 BC Rich Warlock NJ

    I just scored this guitar on a trade. I plan on using it as my main live guitar (so my 2006 KV2 Pile O Skulls doesn't get scratched up).

    It's a 1984 Warlock NJ. The fretboard is very dark, I love the look of it. Also has the bad-assed looking headstock with real inlayed logos.

    The neck scale is 24.75", a welcome change from 25.5". I find both comfortable to play on, but was hunting for a shorter scale specifically when I found this guitar.

    The Kahler bridge works like a charm, and has a ton of adjustment for finding that sweet setup. It's got a bolt on I had to add a slight neck shim to set the neck angle proper. The action and setup is pretty sweet, I'll let it sit and see how it comes to rest.

    Sorry it's a shitty pic.

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    Hope you never have to actually set up that Kahler All that adjustment makes it a pain in the ass... You'll also likely have to lubricate the rollers from time to time, when they clog up the Kahler becomes pointless.

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    I had one of these in candy apply red. Solid axe, but it definitely helped instill my hatred of all things Kahler.

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    Looks like it's in killer condition.
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    Sweet. Love warlocks.

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    Such Kahler h8.

    Awesome looking guitar man - I assume it plays and sounds pretty well being an older BC Rich.
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    ME: 1984 Warlock NJ
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    Awe, why the hate for Kahler?

    I'm a techy guy and love this bridge. I love the range of movement in all the parts for setting it up, and it locks down solid. I can set it up to float, or dive only. This is my second Kahler'd guitar and I'm pretty good at setting them up. Yea, keep all tight things tight and free things lubed and it works like it should! I spend alot of time maintaining my guitars. Guitar maintenance is like church for me.

    I had 3 requirements for this one.
    1. Black,
    2. 24.75" scale,
    3. Kahler bridge

    My first guitar was a warlock, so this is tits!

    One thing I notice with the Kahlers (but it doesn't bother me) is that if you dive aggressively you have to pull back up a little sharp before returning to zero. If you don't do that it may hang a little flat.

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    Kahlers don't deserve the hate they get.

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