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    Searls Guitars - Australia

    I had a look at the current builds I'm doing and chose this as the topic for a build thread.

    It's for a customer in QLD (top of Australia, I'm in VIC down the bottom) and it's a bit different spec than I'm used to. For example I usually do seven strings and this is a six, the customer also wanted a H/S/S combo which is a first for me.

    Anyway, the specs.

    Bookmatched Rimu top (Native to New Zealand)
    African Mahogany Back
    Flamed Maple Neckthru
    Ziricote fingerboard
    Bareknuckle Pickups
    Kahler trem

    I ended out selecting the middle blank in this pic, the one with the bark edge:

    This is the Rimu top, fresh off the bandsaw:

    Geoff Whitehorn signature set. Bareknuckle had a few of the coasters signed by the man himself: I'll pass that on to the customer as he's a big Whitehorn fan!

    I shot these three pics for the customer to choose his binding - Tiger Myrtle was the pick

    First step was to rough cut the neck blank:

    Then get started on the fingerboard and binding - the one in the middle is for this build

    Rimu and Mahogany body pieces in clamps after being ran through a drum sander:

    Pre slot the wiring channel in the body:

    After the body is joined to the neck I rough cut the body shape:

    Followed by detailed profile shaping with a rasp:

    Close up of the neck/body join:

    After the front and back are smoothed out I then run a router around the outside edge to get a depth for the top carve:

    Pre drilling holes to use as a depth gauge when routing the pockets, also to sit the router bit in

    Test fit of hardware after routing:

    Test sprayed some clear whilst I was painting some other guitars on some offcut from the body to show the customer what to expect from the end color of the Rimu

    Fingerboard gets glue and clamps

    That is all for now, the guitar is currently in clamps as per the last photo. If you want to see more pics I'll keep the thread updated or if wanted I can post pics of other consecutive builds.

    Like this Sapwood guitar?

    Or this All Aussie timber guitar?

    Or this Black Limba LP?

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    That reverse head stock HSS looks stellar

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    Location: Australia VIC
    ME: Searls SS7
    MA: Churchill
    Rig: Marshall (yes, I'm old)

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    Bit more progress on the Rimu topped guitar.

    Neck rough carved:

    Scarf joint area rough carved and after a quick sand to see where its at:

    Heel area rough shaped and quick sanded to see how it feels:

    Neck given a quick sand to 320 to see the flamed figure a little bit more:

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    sexy looking neck

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    Man I love build threads.

    This looks awesome dude!

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    ME: Searls SS7
    MA: Churchill
    Rig: Marshall (yes, I'm old)

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    I'm out of time today to do any more, but this one will be put aside until the rest of the six guitars on the go at the moment have carved necks.

    Tomorrow I have the choice of a couple Blackwood necks, another Flamed Maple neck or a Black Limba neck to carve. I'll most likely go the Black Limba just for something different! Whichever ones I carve I'll throw some pics up.

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    Location: Australia VIC
    ME: Searls SS7
    MA: Churchill
    Rig: Marshall (yes, I'm old)

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    More necks carved today, here's one of them:

    Black Limba Neckthru
    Tasmanian Blackwood Back
    Cocobolo top
    Honduran Mahogany headstock with Black Limba cap

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