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Thread: Floyd Rose tuning issue

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    Floyd Rose tuning issue

    I know i know i know, you guys are probably sick of people bitching about this one but I really would appreciate your help with this one guys. I have an LTD EC 401 with a Floyd Rose Special on it. Now from what I understand, the diff between the special and an Original FR is that the base plate is the same, but the saddles and sustain block are made from zinc. The main issue is that when I pull up on it, the G string goes out of tune sharp. I know its not the nut because I loosened it at the tuner while it was locked down at the nut. I also made sure it was tight at the bridge as well. This is rather frustrating because I specifically bought paid extra money to have this model with the floyd and I find myself not using it because of this issue. Not only that, but my crappy bc right that I got rid of had a "licensed floyd" and I could pull up/dive bomb on that thing all day long with no issue what so ever. Any help would be great.

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    I'd restring it and make sure everything is snug and clean. Theres only a few points of movement for a single string. The nut (which is clearly a non issue), the locking block, and the saddle itself. make sure the intonation screw is tight (but not too tight) and the string lock block is clear. Also check the slot the string sits in is free of burrs. Make sure the whole thing is lubed up and cleaned properly.
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    Could be that the problem is more obvious on the G, but effects the others strings too. Check them all with a tuner. I'm thinking worn/crappy knife edges and/or posts, they might need to be lubed. A little teflon grease can work wonders

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    take it to someone who can hands on help you. there isn't much we can do over a computer.
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    I guess I also forgot to mention that I had this guitar set up.....twice. Im on my 3rd set of strings. Im at the assumption that the floyd is not returning to zero and not sure how to go about this.

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    Maybe the G is staying the same and the others are going flat.

    Nah, hard telling really. Maybe post some pics of the back cavity showing springs and claw. If you're running higher tension setup it's of course going to make the strings snap back harder when releasing divebombs and slurs unless you baby it back to lessen the recoil. Also if the springs are already stretched a lot when the bridge is in neutral it is going to increase the snap-back effect. Obviously no none is really just letting go of it to come out of divebombs, but a tenser stiffer feeling trem does go out of tune easier IMO.

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    what happens when you dive on it?

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