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    NGD: Carvin SC90

    So I got this beauty from craigslist and got a sweet deal on it. Im not too sure about woods; I believe she has a maple neck and alder body. She has had a refret done and the frets are stainless steel. This is my 2nd carvin and 1st single cut guitar. She is very light and feels great to play. She does have a few nicks on here, one on the body and a few on the headstock but she still looks awesome. Now I know it is strange to have a OFR without locking nuts, but with the locking tuners it works out fine. Overall I love it! Now to the PERN!

    Picks were taken by my girlfriend!

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    Nice axe. Set that trem up right!

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    Great looking fiddle man. That top looks excellent!

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    Yep I dig....I would really like even more if it had a TOM. Sweet axe though man and HNGD
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    The Carvin Tele-Paul. Really interesting, congrats!

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