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Thread: NGD - Yours truly sig model from Jaden Rose proto (vid inside, as usual)

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    NGD - Yours truly sig model from Jaden Rose proto (vid inside, as usual)

    First of all, my apologies for the completely asstastic iPad pics, but ever since I got home from NAMM, not ONE day with proper lighting was here to be had. And after the vid, the spot chose to deliver its soul to the maker, making matters even worse, so here's hoping the sun graces me with its presence for me to take some actual decent pics! Still, they convey the general idea, I hope. I am only posting this NGD now as I wanted to be sure no honeymoon phase leftovers were lingering prior to approving the overall specs.

    When I got the axe at the airport - that was quite a long drive for Jaden, so my redoubled thanks to the man!

    I am, of course, beyond stoked at this point. You don't really imagine yourself having a signature guitar until quite late in the game, if at all, and being able to just come up with what I want is pretty much the driving factor to get things going, and Jaden delivered exemplary, as per his usual standard.

    First off, some video of it in action and specs, and then the necessary wall of text explaining shiz will forcibly take place.

    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - Jaden Rose Signature Prototype - Stranded - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Prototype specs:
    - swamp ash body;
    - 27" scale maple neck with a pau ferro board, 27 jumbo stainless steel frets;
    - Bareknuckle Alnico Warpig set;
    - Hipshot hardware;
    - single volume control, 3-way switch with position 2 being the inner coils

    My idea behind this axe was mainly to get an offset (which I love dearly) with some refined superstrat traits on it and improving ergonomics as I have enough on my plate as it is with all the tapping antics and a paddle for a neck. The guitar balances extremely well both standing up or sitting down, and it's quite comfy to rest classical style, without forcing some less than advisable spinal antics to cope with projection. Another thing you may notice is that the neck joint actually has a proper thumb rest to avoid awkward displacements while working the upper area (had my share of axes which featured absurd treble access in the lower horn department yet left me grabbing a trunk at the upper horn for no apparent reason). That was all nice and dandy on paper, but it did come to fruition perfectly.

    Another thing I really wanted was actually accessible 27 frets, as to get the full octaves going and to be able to articulate and phrase properly up there without screwing the tone of the neck pickup. It worked as planned, and, to my ears, it's simpler to balance neck and bridge pickup tones this way, so that's an added bonus.

    Tonally, she's got tons of cut and midrange detail, as well as being very easy to control dynamically and tailor with the various amps at my disposal, which are really mandatory points as far as I'm concerned - I have to cover a lot of ground and "yeah, it'll work alright" doesn't really cut it for me (nor should it for anyone, I'd suppose).

    I tested this axe quite exhaustively at NAMM, and had a blast doing so using it in demos at Rhodes Amplification and GHS strings mostly, but also toting it in jams and giving amps a good once over. Any doubts I might have pertaining a gap between the concept and the actual physical thing were dispelled straight off the bat, and you can expect a few guitars in the classifieds section because of this.

    I won't digress here about commercial stuff for now, which I'll post in whatever section Chris tells me to, but I'll leave two notes as I did get asked this a fair bit:
    - I plan on having two spec sets, one with Evertune and one with Hipshot, in both 7 and 8-string formats (as I use both);
    - the shape will be made available, as I discussed briefly, as a non-signature with the usual set of Jaden specs. I get nothing from it, but it didn't seem too logical to limit the shape altogether (well, maybe from a "making money" viewpoint) when people might want different things than my own specs set.

    Thanks for enduring the wall of text and I hope you guys enjoy!
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    Beautiful guitar Fred, Love the offset and contours of it.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    Nice, clean and simple. I like it.

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    Very Nice looking guitar and that video was pretty damn awesome

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    Al Gore may have invented the interwebs but Fred is here to own them. Beautiful guitar man and it's cool to see the thought that went into it
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    Shape has a kinda Broderick thing going on but better executed, IMO.

    Beautiful guitar and great choices on spec all across the board.
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    Cheers, guys!

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    That video was fucking rad! Nice and clean looking guitar you've got there, too.

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