Regarding scale length.

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Thread: Regarding scale length.

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    Regarding scale length.

    SO, I havent been playing much these last few months due to my arthritis flaring up. When i have though, I've been playing my Schecter Omen 6. The other day I grabbed my Jackson DK , this one

    and it feels a hell of alot smaller than my Omen

    The Jackson feels small..more compact I guess. The neck also feels alot more comfortable to wrap my fingers around. Now I'm sure this has to do with the guitars scale lenght. I'd like to buy a brand new Jackson, or something made of Basswood, like the Omen, which is nice and light, but that is the same size as the DK. Any idea what scale lenght the Jackson is, and what I could be looking for in another guitar with the same scale lenght?

    --- Mike
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    The vast majority of superstrats are that scale, and many others besides (the majority of fenders, for example).

    It'll be about 2cm thick on average as well. Also typical for a superstrat.

    Look for necks you find comfortable.

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    Those guitars should have the same length, and different neck profiles. The radius might be different as well. If you want a basswood dinky, try out a bunch of dinky's from the JS line. Afaik they're all basswood.
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