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Thread: NGD: Carvin CT74 7string Blue Mist w/ Flamed Koa Body

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    NGD: Carvin CT74 7string Blue Mist w/ Flamed Koa Body

    Heyo! Wanted to show you guys my newest 7 string, I've recently started endorsing Carvin and this is the first instrument they sent me.

    Without further ado, here's a couple vids & pics of the beauty, you can download Full-Res photos at:

    I really wanted to go over the top with specs therefore I included quite a lot of option 50s here are the specs:

    - 7 string/24 frets/25.5" scale
    - Flamed Koa body (oiled)
    - Plain maple top (blue mist finish/gloss coating)
    - Walnut set-neck with flamed maple stripes
    - Flamed maple fretboard
    - Stainless Steel Med-Jumbo frets
    - Abalone Diamond inlays
    - Gold Hardware
    - Original Floyd Rose bridge
    - BKP ceramic Warpig bridge & Emerald neck (cream w/ golden poles)
    - Vol/Tone/3-way switch

    I specifically asked for a very figured koa body, but actually didn't expect such a crazy one. Flamed koa tops are rare, but this is really something else!
    Apart from that, I asked them to paint the top with blue mist finish and gloss coating (more minimal/classy look) but actually to leave back and sides oiled for more natural resonance and contrast with the front.
    Other option 50s are walnut neck with two flamed maple stripes and they also installed BKPs at the factory, which I think couple really well with the aesthetics I went with.

    Nothing surprising regarding the build quality, this is the fourth Carvin I've owned and all of them have been not only immaculate, but with superior playability and resonance. I seriously cannot believe their price for the consistency they offer. Btw, here's a DC800 I also owned: NGD: Carvin DC800 Burl/Flame/Birdseye Maple galore!

    This BKP combo might be very weird at first, but I actually wanted something completely different regarding bridge and neck tones. Bridge is massive and crushing, neck has a lot of Stratty singlecoil-ish qualities, absurd clarity and a pleasing brightness.

    All in all a superb guitar that has become my main 7 string, can't wait to spec my next 8 string from them!

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    That is fucking gorgeous.

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    ". . . . . . . ."

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    Um, damn.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Fucking hell dude. That is amazing.

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    I said on SSO but that is perfect. I love Blue Mist, and the creme and gold looks great with it.

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