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Thread: No NGD yet, but ....

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    No NGD yet, but ....

    My wife is so freaking AWESOME! I had been so depressed lately, because I've really been wanting a better guitar than the Jackson JS23 I have. While the Jackson is an ok guitar to learn on, it constantly goes out of tune, and putting money into a $200 guitar is wasteful. However, since we are struggling financially at the moment, I was contemplating little by little going forward with polishing the turd anyway. It would have been easier to have a new nut and tuners put on it than saving for a new guitar, because almost every penny we get goes toward bills.

    Anyway, I was jamming with a bud around 9pm when my wife comes into the room and asks me to show my bud the guitar I had showed her last week that she liked the color of, so I pulled up the page on MF's site. We talked about it for a bit, and she disappeared. A few minutes later she came back in the room with a piece of paper in her hand. She said "By the way, I came into a bit of money and paid all of our bills current." Then she handed me the paper and said "I also thought this might cheer you up." It was a receipt for:
    Ibanez RG450M Electric Guitar Jetstream Green | Musician's Friend

    God I my wife!! It's on back order until 4/4, but as soon as it comes in I'll do a proper NGD.

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    That colour is gorgeous btw. Looks so beautiful with the maple board. You're a lucky man.

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    What an awesome surprise, and a great looking guitar.

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    Man, that is fucking awesome
    Your new guitar comes in on my birthday btw


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    That's awesome man. What a great wife you have!

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    Grats on the score, glad you're getting an upgraded axe.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    Wirelessly posted

    WifeWin indeed (is that also a site? )
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    Wirelessly posted

    WifeWin indeed (is that also a site? )
    You mean MF? Yeah, it is Musician's Friend, and thanks everyone. I'm really excited. I opened my email this morning and saw "Your order has been shipped", and I almost jizzed my self. It was only the extended warranty. It will be a long month.

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