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Thread: Ishibashi Music Tokyo store tour & Testament

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    Ishibashi Music Tokyo store tour & Testament

    Hey Rockers,

    It's been quite a while since I posted on here. However I really have something killer for you.

    I have been running a new English Facebook page for Ishibashi Music for the last 4 weeks or so. It has lots of photos, HEAPS of videos and lots of cool stuff so you can see what it's really like inside of a Guitar Shop in Japan.

    And about the very SPECIAL Ibanez Guitar that I had been talking about a while ago, it's still in the works and being planned out. Sadly nothing moves fast over here with new developments. Don't loose faith. I really have not given up on it at all.

    Jason from Ishibashi Music, Shibuya in Tokyo

    And by the way....

    I was lucky enough to have a visit from Alex Skolnick & Eric Peterson from Testament last week. Alex hung out in the store for about 30 minutes, played some Jazz Guitar for a while and we had a great chat. The show later that night was amazing. Eric purchased a Rickenbacker Bass. They are both great guys.

    I LOVE living in Tokyo!!!!
    Hit me up for those hard to find Guitars that you can't find anywhere else and I'll try to help you find it if I can

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    Nice store, it must have been cool to meet Alex and Eric,
    Testament is still awesome after all these years.

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    Love that green bottom row center PRS
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    Beautiful PRS guitars you got there. I used to live in Misawa which is way north on the mainland.
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    I've bought so much from Ishibashi in the past. I loved every transaction. EXTREMELY helpful staff and super efficient shipping and delivery. Too bad the Indian Rupee fell so drastically since then and the Yen has been rising quite rapidly in parallel. Makes it impossible to afford anything anymore haha.

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    Kickass. I love Skolnick's playing, I'm jealous.
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    Along with Akihabara, I go to Ochanomizu every time I go to Japan.

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